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Lavender Fields

Provence: 5 Day Itinerary

A five-day luxury Itinerary will allow you to experience the spirit of Provence. Spend opulent time at a five-star spa, discover charming mediaeval towns, dine under the stars on Michelin-starred food, kayak along La Sorgue, and be in awe of the old Roman ruins. Let this amazing trip from Avignon to Marseille to fully immerse you in the alluring beauty of Provence.


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Luxe Provence Absolute Musts

Le Mas - the setting of this charming farmhouse is everything, and the food a culinary delight.

Les Baux-de-Provence - the streets of this beautiful hilltop village take you back in time.

Kayak Vert - peace and tranquility as you venture down La Sorgue and it's impressive aquaduct. 

Luxe Provence Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Provence with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

Airelles Gordes, La Bastide


Day 1


Maison Carrée


Amphitheatre of Nîmes


La Table Du 2


Pont Saint-Benezet (Le Pont d'Avignon)


Palais des Papes


Le Mas

Day 2


Sénanque Abbey


Abbaye de Montmajour


Arles Amphitheatre


Le Criquet


Les Baux-de-Provence



Day 3


Canoë Kayak Vert fontaine de Vaucluse


Restaurant Tayac




La Ferme de la Huppe

Airelles pool and sunet
Mussel dish at Le Criquet

Day 4




Café de la Poste








Domitia - Maison de Cuisinier

Streets of Roussillon

Day 5


Mucem of Civilizations of Europe/Mediterranean


Fort Saint-Jean

Picture of Fondation Vasarely


Hôtel Le Corbusier


Hélène Darroze à Villa La Coste


Fondation Vasarely


Château de la Gaude

Provence Day 1: Avignon, Nîmes & Gordes

Le Mas, Gordes

Set out on your train journey from the center of Paris to the sun-kissed beauty of Avignon, where classic style and fast luxury collide, taking in breath-taking scenery en route. Travel time is two hours forty minutes.

Rent a nice automobile at the station, like the BMW X5 we went for at Sixt, to make your trip more enjoyable and to guarantee a good time spent driving. Set out on a picturesque drive from the station to the enthralling city of Nîmes. 45 minutes for the trip

Explore Nîmes

As you meander slowly by famous sites like the magnificent Maison Carrée and the breathtaking Amphitheatre, lose yourself in the rich history of Nîmes. Give one hour.

Savor a delicious lunch on the terrace of the Musée de la Romanité. This architectural treasure tucked away in the center of the city offers a stunning view of the amphitheater together with delicious food. Offering a strong modern European menu, this restaurant is the ideal option for a lunch in Nîmes to remember.

Explore Avignon

See the famous Le Pont d'Avignon and the opulence of Palais des Papes when you return to Avignon. Then, after enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a little neighborhood café, head for the magical town of Gordes. Travel Time: 45 min

On top of the cliff with a view of the Luberon valley, check into the renovated home La Bastide in Airelles. Five-star spa hotel with amazing service, immaculate grounds, and breathtaking views.

Beautiful location in the yard of a historic farmhouse that chef Alexis Osmont and his family own. Delightful and abundant food with a market influence. Among all time favorites of ours. 10 minutes for the trip

Provence Day 2: Arles & Les Baux-de-Provence

Image by Baptiste Buisson
Luma Arles Tower

Summertime visitors can enjoy a sensory feast of lavender fields that come alive in a beautiful bloom by taking a short trip from Gordes to the monastery. Travel time is ten minutes.

Explore Arles

Discover the charm of the Roman amphitheater by meandering through the enthralling lanes that lead to its magnificent entrance. If time allows, don't miss the chance to investigate the neighboring abbey and other interesting ruins. Travel time is 45 minutes.

Tucked down in the quaint l'Hauture area of Arles, Le Criquet provides a great eating experience with a real French atmosphere. Savor their range of classic dishes that encapsulates French culinary customs. Highly suggest you make reservations.

Explore Les Baux-de-Provence

Winding alleyways and a crumbling castle characterize one of the most stunning settlements perched atop a steep mountain. Parking below, go up the streets and check out the shops along the way. Thirty minutes for the trip

Savor great regional food hidden down a peaceful street. The family's kind and friendly welcome matched every delicious mouthful. Strongly advised for a meal experience to remember.

Provence Day 3: Le Vaucluse

Airelles pool and sunet
Gordes Sunset

A leisurely kayak trip down the picturesque La Sorgue river will let you to fully appreciate the peace of nature. Drawn in by the tranquilly all about you, head toward the magnificent Aqueduct. Give yourself three hours at least to really enjoy the experience. Travel time is twenty minutes.

For an experience you won't soon forget, have déjeuner at Tayak. Owners Margaux and Nicolas, a gifted pair, are passionate about cooking and dedicated to giving each and every visitor an amazing experience. Book in advance or get in touch with Nicolas to set up a home-cooked lunch as they are only open for lunch. Ten minutes for the journey

Explore Gordes

Return to your hotel and explore the charming mediaeval hamlet, which is full of old charm. Seek out the walkway to find a great spot from which to take breathtaking sunset images that perfectly depict the charming charm of the community. Travel time is fifteen minutes.

Taste the Luberon as Chef Alain Poitou and his crew expertly highlight the finest raw ingredients. Savor a changing menu with regional specialties and a bold wine list that promises a time of discovery and well-being. Travel time is five minutes.

Provence Day 4: Roussillon, Goult & Ménerbes

Domitia Maison de Cuisinier
Domitia Maison de Cuisinier

Explore Roussillon

Take in the brilliant green pinetrees and the breathtaking red cliffs and ochre quarries that define Roussillon. Ten minutes to travel

We advise going to the vibrant bar Le GOULTois, which is next door to Café de la Poste, after a great dinner (reservations not accepted, but always humming with activity). Or, for a real treat, head over the street to Gigi and sample their delectable pizzas. Return your freshly prepared pizzas to your table so you may enjoy every mouthful in the warm atmosphere of the bar. 30 minutes for the trip

Explore Ménerbes

A traditional hilltop village tucked away among vineyards and cherry orchards, Menerbes is formally acknowledged as one of The Most Beautiful Villages of France. With a quaint center including eateries, a cafe, bakery, grocery store, and a seasonal market, the village has all you could possibly need for a quick visit or a longer stay. The magnificent Citadelle, together with charming walkways, ancient buildings, and breath-taking views of the Monts de Vaucluse and the Luberon range, are located at the summit of Menerbes. Travel Time: 20 minutes

There is a lovely dining room and a shaded terrace at this little restaurant in Beaumettes. The menu features a small variety of three appetizers, three main meals, and three desserts together with shared plates, all accompanied by a superb French wine list. Look around the grocery store next door; it sells Domitia-certified local goods. Ten minutes for the trip.

Provence Day 5: Marseille & Aix

Mater Earth
Mater Earth, Villa La Coste

Cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean Museum. While we were there, there was an amazing Jeff Koons show among the fascinating modern art on display at this museum. The contemporary structure is combined with a spectacular bridge to link it to Fort Saint-Jean in the architectural design. Discover the rooftop, which is enhanced with a magnificent decorative screen that gives the structure even more charm. Travel time is one hour and twenty minutes.

Fort Saint-Jean

Leaning boldly at the Old Port's entry, Louis XIV's massive fortification, Fort Saint-Jean, begs you to explore its historical charm. Before saying goodbye, pause to really enjoy the surroundings. Don't pass up the opportunity to see the stunning Cathédrale La Major before returning to the airport.

Renowned architect Le Corbusier created the recognizable modernist Hotel Le Corbusier. Finished in 1952, it is a prime example of his architectural philosophies; it has brightly colored rooftop terrace, practical design, and clean lines. Today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a masterwork of 20th-century architecture. Take some spectacular pictures of his work by going onto the rooftop.

near the charming Villa La Coste estate near Aix, is the Michelin-starred restaurant Hélène Darroze à Villa La Coste. Leading chef Hélène Darroze oversees a modern-day French-inspired dining experience. The peaceful setting and amazing vineyard views of the restaurant enhance the eating experience.

A stunning array of modern art projects fusing art, architecture, and environment can be found at Villa La Costa. On the estate are pieces by well-known artists including Tadao Ando, Frank Gehry, and Louise Bourgeois. These works blend in perfectly with the breathtaking scenery, giving guests a fully immersed and educational artistic experience.

Victor Vasarely created the imaginative architectural wonder that is the Fondation Vasarely in Aix. It honors the inventive geometric pieces of Vasarely and Op Art, having been founded in 1976. Vasarely's work is richly collected in the foundation, which is housed in an enthralling optical illusion that demonstrates his enormous influence on the Op Art movement.

Renowned as the head chef at Château de la Gaude, Matthieu Dupuis-Baumal is in charge of four outstanding restaurants, all of which Luxe has endorsed: 

  1. Le Art: This restaurant is unique since it combines fine eating with artistic flair. The immersive culinary experience enhanced by modern art installations and a chic setting elevates the pleasure of excellent French food in Provence for guests.

  2. La Source is the Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant. Here, the Chef's culinary prowess is evident in the elegant French food he prepares with locally obtained ingredients. A wonderful culinary experience is created by the restaurant's sophisticated atmosphere and faultless service.

  3. Le K: Le K is a further restaurant renowned for its inventive and modern fare. Compared to La Source, it has a more laid-back vibe, which makes it perfect for an expensive yet informal meal. Ingenious delicacies prepared by the chef are served here.

  4. Kaiseki: This unusual eating concept highlights the chef's flexibility. It specializes on classic Japanese Kaiseki food, which is distinguished by a selection of delectably presented, little dishes that highlight the freshest ingredients and skillful cooking. This provides a different gastronomic experience for visitors from the conventional French fare served at La Source and Le K.

To sample the Chef's culinary masterpieces, please check the most recent information and book in advance since restaurant offers and themes may change over time.

Luxe Provence Extensions

Travelers are enthralled by Paris, the City of Lights, because of its classic beauty and romantic appeal. Paris is a sensory overload with everything from the famous Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to the quaint neighborhoods of Montmartre and the sophisticated Champs-Élysées. It's a city that really lives up to its status as a global cultural hub, with its excellent food, rich past, and creative atmosphere.

To lovers of architecture, art, and design, the Côte d'Azur is a sanctuary. Along the seaside are magnificent houses and Belle Époque architecture. Modern treasures are on show in art institutions such as Fondation Maeght. Medieval buildings are on show in charming places like Eze. The polished elegance and artistic attraction of the area enhance its aesthetic appeal.

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