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About Luxe on the Fly

We created Luxe on the Fly for affluent travelers that want quality escapes that they can book themselves. We're always searching for new places to discover and create luxury itineraries based on our passions in architecture, art, design and dining. All of these itineraries have been traveled by us and have not been funded by any person or company. We are not a travel agency or affiliated with any travel companies, so our content is designed for easy self-booking. You'll find links to our recommendations and we highlight our Luxe Absolute Musts, which in our opinion are not to be missed! We travel frequently and will post our most recent itineraries regularly. Follow us on Instagram to see our stories in the moment.

Jay & Joseph Britto

Luxe on the Fly Founders

Luxe on the Fly is a travel site created by us, two avid travelers, husbands Jay and Joseph Britto. With a passion for travel, design, architecture, art, dining and exploring, we decided to share our insights with friends, family and anyone that finds this interesting. We'll take you on a journey when we discover things that we love -  beautifully designed restaurants with killer food, the fine details of brutalist architecture, mountain landscape views from a lakeside AirBnB or boutique hotels that give you all the loving. Every journey is unforgettable in its own way, and we'll share what we find interesting and useful. 


We'll also review new travel products and services when introduced. With Joseph's 20+ years travel industry experience and Jay's designer eye, Luxe on the Fly hopes to provide you the perfect combination of luxury and adventure insights with our curated luxury travel itineraries.

Enjoy the World!


Jay & Joseph 

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Jay and Joseph Cambodia

Joseph Britto

Consultant, Planner & Travel Enthusiast

I'm a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. I began my career in the United States at British Airways and then joined its UK headquarters leading the companies Digital Marketing efforts. I later joined the UK's largest travel search engine during their expansion. Throughout my career, I have traveled extensively from my base in London, both for work and pleasure. I have led projects developing travel sites in numerous European countries, as well as undertaking assignments in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Currently I work for a global marketing agency.


My passion for travel was ignited during my teenage years when my grandmother took me on my first overseas trip. Since then, I have been captivated by exploration and discovery, always seeking new adventures. With a discerning palate, I'm also an avid foodie who delights in discovering unique restaurants that offer the perfect blend of ambiance and culinary excellence. Originally hailing from Ohio, I have lived in various cities around the world, including Quebec, Washington D.C., London, Johannesburg, and now I live with Jay and our dog Kylo in Miami and New York.

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Joseph Britto 2023

Jay Britto

Interior Designer, Artist & Photographer

As a founding Principal of Britto Charette Interior Design, I have spent close to two decades creating high-end residential interiors for clients worldwide. My knowledge of innovative trends and my unsurpassed contemporary style have earned me an impressive and loyal clientele. Born and raised in Peru, I grew up surrounded by rich colors and a vibrant culture that continue to inspire me. 


My love of travel started when I first came to New York as a teenager. Experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and seeing the beauty of how design is interpreted throughout the world opened my eyes to many amazingly talented people that inspire me in my work and personal life. As an avid photographer, I'll be letting you in on my way of seeing things as I capture moments on my journeys across the globe.

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Jay Britto 2023
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