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Madrid: 3 Day Itinerary

Madrid's skyline is being redefined with fresh flair and history by creative architects. The dining scene is avant-garde as well, promoting Spanish food. Madrid embraces the future while respecting its gastronomic past with Michelin-starred restaurants and trendy gastropubs. Savor our three days of luxury in the city of Spain.


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Luxe Madrid Absolute Musts

Torcuato - The inventive food of Chef Vicari in a stylish Madrid setting.

Salamanca - Grand boulevards, opulent stores, great dining, and 19th-century architecture define this neighborhood.

Segovia - Famous city featuring a mediaeval old town, fairytale castle, and Roman aqueduct.

Luxe Madrid Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Madrid with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

Rosewood Villa Magna


Day 1


Parque Madrid Río


Temple of Debod


Palacio Real de Madrid


Mercado de San Miguel


Plaza Mayor

Mercado de San Miguel


Posada del León de Oro


Thai Room Spa Only You Boutique


Isa Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Day 2


Plaza Colón


  Parque de El Retiro


Palacio de Cristal


 CaixaForum Madrid


Dani Brasserie


Calle Gran Vía

CaixaForum Madrid


Sense, A Rosewood Spa



Day 3


Estacion de Trenes de Segovia


Alcázar de Segovia


Catedral de Segovia


El Sitio


Aqueduct of Segovia


Oroya Madrid

Segovia Aqueduct

Madrid Day 1: Palacio, Las Letras & Chueca

Mercado de San Miguel
Mercado de San Miguel

The Rosewood Villa Magna in Salamanca, Madrid, exudes elegance and sophisticated luxury. A refuge of refinement, the hotel has luxurious rooms, excellent service, and exquisite cuisine. Its tranquil spa, rich gardens, and superb location combine old-world Spain with modern indulgence.

The urban greenway Parque Madrid Río has revived the Manzanares River area. It's a recreational and cultural hub with the stunning Arganzuela Footbridge, a spiraling marvel that joins communities with its sleek, modern architecture and offers locals and visitors breathtaking views and a lush riverfront respite.

The placid Temple of Debod in Madrid's Parque del Oeste is an old Egyptian gift to Spain. The hieroglyph-lined walls and sunset reflections of this 2nd-century BC monument in verdant parkland reveal Egypt's past.

Baroque masterpiece Palacio Real de Madrid has over 3,000 luxurious rooms and is Europe's largest royal palace by floor space. Its opulent architecture and decorations reflect centuries of Spanish history and serve as the royal family's ceremonial residence.

An historic iron-and-glass food market in the center of Madrid, the Mercado de San Miguel serves a wide variety of gourmet tapas, fresh vegetables, and regional delicacies. A hive for foodies, it's a busy place to sample Spain's many culinary pleasures. Before lunch, have a cone of Iberico ham to nibble on.

Its homogeneous, three-story structures and lively ambiance make Plaza Mayor Madrid's big central square historic. It has hosted marketplaces, bullfights, and public executions and now houses cafes, stores, and seasonal events, capturing the city's community life.

Offering a menu of Spanish classics in a rustic yet beautiful setting, Posada del León de Oro's restaurant in Madrid allows guests to enjoy traditional tastes matched with a carefully chosen selection of local wines in the atmosphere of a historic inn.

For a genuinely peaceful experience, visitors to the Thai Room Spa at Only You Boutique Hotel can enjoy real Thai massages and a range of revitalising treatments carried out by knowledgeable therapists in an opulent atmosphere.

Nestled within the Four Seasons, Isa is a modern restaurant where Chef Pino Cuttaia presents creative cuisine. The restaurant offers a menu that translates traditional tastes with inventive twists and combines history and innovation in an environment that captures the stylish and vibrant essence of the city.

Madrid Day 2: Salamanca, Ritiro & Gran Via

Sense Spa, Rosewood Madrid
Sense Spa, Rosewood Madrid

With the well-known Vaquero Turcios sculpture, the charming "Escultura Julia," and the prestigious Fernán Gómez Cultural Center, Plaza Colón in Salamanca is a vibrant public area. As evidence of Madrid's dedication to fusing historical appreciation with modern arts, this hub honors both artistic expression and cultural activities.

Lush gardens, calm lakes, and ancient sites make up Madrid's Parque de El Retiro, a peaceful haven. It was once a royal park and today provides outdoor activities, cultural events, and the magnificent Glass Palace, which perfectly captures the city's natural beauty and historic grandeur.

Within Madrid's El Retiro Park is the spectacular cast-iron and glass Palacio de Cristal. Originally a greenhouse, it currently holds art shows, with its translucent walls capturing the splendor of the park and fusing art, architecture, and nature in a calm, lovely environment.

With its stunning green wall and "levitating" brick base, Herzog & de Meuron's modernist design for CaixaForum Madrid stands out and creates a cutting-edge cultural venue that converses and contrasts with the city's traditional architecture.

Perched on the Four Seasons Hotel, Dani Brasserie is a rooftop dining experience created by Michelin-starred chef Dani García. A feast for the senses and the sights, this culinary sanctuary offers expansive city vistas together with a menu full of modern takes on Spanish classics.

Gran Via, which reflects the elegance and aspirations of the early 20th century and establishes the thoroughfare as a cultural and commercial hub adorned with elaborate facades and lively city life, presents an architectural timeline of Madrid.

Sense Rosewood Spa is right in the center of the city. Adopting elegance, the spa offers a sophisticated haven meant to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit by fusing customized therapies with holistic healing techniques in a calm, sophisticated setting.

At Madrid's Torcuato, Chef Pablo Vicari skillfully blends innovation and tradition. Vicari's excellent meals, which push culinary boundaries while honoring Spanish ingredients, are served against a chic backdrop of design that skillfully combines traditional elegance with a modern edge.

Madrid Day 3: Segovia

Segovia Aquaduct
Segovia Aquaduct

It's an easy and beautiful trip by rail from Madrid to Segovia. The high-speed train leaves Chamartín Station and takes around thirty minutes to arrive in Segovia, a historic city known for its Roman aqueduct, fanciful castle, and charming old town. To the Alcázar, get a cab.

Perched atop a steep crag, the Alcázar de Segovia provides expansive views of the surrounding countryside with its fairy tale castles and strong walls. Rumored to have served as the model for Disney's Cinderella Castle, this mediaeval stronghold-palace is rich in centuries of Spanish art, architecture, and history.

Known as the "Lady of Cathedrals," the Catedral de Segovia is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture rising majestically in the center plaza of the old city. Its imposing spires, elaborate stained glass, and magnificent altarpiece encapsulate Segovia's creative and spiritual spirit and draw both believers and tourists.

Celebrated for its genuine regional food, El Sitio restaurant in Segovia offers traditional, comfortable Castilian fare in a warm environment. Customers relish regional lamb and roasted suckling pig while taking in the kind service and rustic charm that encapsulate the area's rich culinary history.

Impressive two-tiered arches of the Segovia Aqueduct, an old Roman wonder, loom over the city. This first-century AD architectural marvel is a monument to Roman engineering and has endured as a representation of Segovia's historical splendour.

Chef Jhosef Arias's Oroya combines Spanish flair with Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant's creative menu, which honors Peru's rich cultural tapestry and Madrid's multicultural atmosphere, showcases Arias's skill at fusing culinary traditions.

Luxe Madrid Extensions

Southeast Spain's Valencia is a thriving metropolis well-known for its sandy beaches, contemporary architecture, and rich past. Among its main draws are the Turia River Gardens, the City of Arts and Sciences, and the old Old Town. Paella is served, vibrant festivals are held, and the Mediterranean vibe is absorbed by visitors.

Traveling from Madrid to Andalusia takes you from the contemporary energy of the city to a historically rich area where white-washed villages, flamenco, and Moorish palaces coexist with the contemporary appeal of beach resorts and a rich gastronomic heritage under the Iberian sun.

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