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Paris: 3 Day Itinerary

With this luxurious three-day schedule, fully experience the rich artistic and architectural legacy of the city. See well-known sites including the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the Bourse de Commerce. Savor modern cafes and Michelin-starred eateries serving French food. Discover stylish neighbourhoods for boutique shops and visually stimulating decor. Paris seduces with its cultural charm, creating priceless memories in a brief but remarkable stay.


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Luxe Paris Absolute Musts

Bourse de Commerce - Famous museum exhibiting modern art in a restored old stock exchange structure.

Lou Lou  - Chic and sophisticated restaurant close to the Louvre. Get the pizza with truffles.

Fondation Louis Vuitton - Frank Gehry created the iconic modern art museum in Paris.

Luxe Paris Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Paris with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

The Hoxton, Paris


Day 1


Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection


Musée Yves Saint Laurent


Palais Royal Restaurant


Palais-Royal Garden

Bourse de Commerce Paris

Day 2


Christian Liaigre


Pierre Augustin Rose


 Anne Jacquemin Sablon


Philippe Hurel


Rue du Bac


Monsieur Bleu

Christian Liaigre Paris

Day 3


Fondation Louis Vuitton


La Samaritaine


Grand Palais Éphémère


Loulou Restaurant Paris

Dessert from Loulou Restaurant Paris

Paris Day 1: Luxe Favorite Museums

Bourse de Commerce Paris
Bourse de Commerce

The hip boutique hotel Hoxton Paris is located in the center of Paris and features contemporary conveniences together with chic and cozy accommodations. Its modern architecture, lively ambiance, and handy location make it the ideal starting point for seeing the sights, going shopping, eating, and experiencing culture.

Recognised architect Tadao Ando has converted the ancient Bourse de Commerce into an art museum. With exhibitions of contemporary art, the museum presents a wide variety of artists and artistic mediums. Art aficionados should not miss its circular display area and distinctive architecture.

Paris's Yves Saint Laurent Museum pays enthralling homage to the legendary fashion designer. The museum, which is housed in his former workshop, offers guests an immersive experience into the world of one of the most influential characters in fashion with its vast collection of haute couture clothing, accessories, sketches, and personal items.

Within the Palais Royal gardens lies the quaint restaurant Palais Royal. It provides a wonderful atmosphere and tasteful setting for traditional French food with a contemporary touch. Seasonal cuisine prepared with locally grown, fresh ingredients are served on the menu, which is matched by an amazing wine list.

Nestled next to the Palais Royal, in the center of Paris, is the tranquil and exquisite Jardin du Palais Royal. The garden is kept up with well-groomed lawns, well-lined trees, colorful flowerbeds and a peaceful center fountain. Here in this urban haven, guests can stroll, unwind, and take in the tranquilly and historic architecture.

CN Traveller chose 16 of the best designed restaurants in Paris. Luxe struggles to choose between the many excellent Parisian restaurants, so please consult this list for availability and inspiration. Although we've thrown in a few of our own favorites, the suggestions provide a wonderful variety of options for your eating experiences.

Paris Day 2: Luxe Favorite Design Showrooms

Christian Liaigre Paris
Christian Liaigre Showroom, Paris

The chic and sophisticated style of the well-known designer is displayed in the Christian Liaigre showroom. A well chosen selection of beautiful furniture, lighting, and house accessories with elegant materials and simple lines distinguish the area. Explore the classic styles and refined atmosphere that have established Liaigre as a household name in home design.

Renowned for its sophisticated and modern designs is the stylish furniture shop Pierre Augustine Rose. A well chosen selection of opulent furniture items that seamlessly combine traditional and contemporary design are available in the store. Their works, which are painstakingly made and well detailed, radiate elegance and ageless appeal, drawing discriminating customers looking for tasteful interior furniture.

Prestigious design store Anne Jacquemin Sablon is well-known for its magnificent selection of high-end furniture and home décor. The store presents a well chosen assortment of sophisticated and exquisite pieces that exemplify the marriage of modern design and age-old workmanship. Specializing on exclusivity, quality, and style, the showroom attracts discriminating customers looking for sophisticated and distinctive interior design ideas.

Philippe Hurel has an amazing network of Paris boutiques where he showcases his outstanding modern furniture designs. Emphasizing fine craftsmanship and superior materials, the showrooms feature an extensive selection of classic items that combine creativity and usefulness. Fans of interior design, architects, and clients looking for opulent and sophisticated furniture solutions will find the settings to be enthralling.

A lovely and refined boutique shopping experience may be had on Rue du Bac in Saint Germain. Numerous distinctive and premium stores displaying high-end clothing, opulent accessories, and magnificent home décor along this historic boulevard. Conscience buyers looking for unique items with a hint of Parisian flair frequent it.

Within the Palais de Tokyo museum sits Monsieur Bleu, a chic and modern restaurant. Showcasing breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, the restaurant has a refined and stylish interior design. A pleasant gastronomic experience is offered in an attractive setting with its varied menu, which blends Mediterranean and French elements.

Paris Day 3: Luxe Favorite Architecture

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Frank Gehry is the architect of the magnificent Louis Vuitton Foundation. When it opened in 2014, the structure's glass sails and flowing curves gave it a startlingly futuristic appearance. Glass and metal combine in a harmonic way to produce light, transparency, and reflections that let the building fit in perfectly with the Bois de Boulogne's natural surroundings. Gehry's distinctive style is on evidence in the creative design, which also offers a remarkable venue for modern art shows and cultural activities.

Rich architectural legacy characterizes Samaritaine, a famous and historic retail store. Early in the 20th century, the store was constructed in the Art Nouveau style and was subsequently extended and refurbished. A distinctive and stunning front is produced by the way its architecture combines aspects of Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco styles. Renovated recently, Samaritaine combines contemporary design features with its traditional charm to create an enthralling shopping and cultural destination right in the center of Paris.

Architecturally speaking, the Grand Palais is a masterpiece. Constructed for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, its stunning glass and iron vaulted roof let in an abundance of natural light into the large interior area. A real representation of Parisian elegance and invention, the neoclassical façade with its elaborate sculptures enhances the majesty of this ancient site.

Nestled within the magnificent Musée des Arts Décoratifs, a museum devoted to decorative arts and design, is the Lou Lou restaurant in Paris. With their exquisite moldings, lavish chandeliers, and Art Deco interiors, the restaurant's surrounds radiate elegance and grandeur. Offering a wonderful dining experience surrounded by Parisian design and cultural history, the architecture perfectly matches the restaurant's refined environment.

Luxe Paris Extensions

Southeast France's Provence is well-known for its stunning scenery, vivid lavender fields, and little hilltop towns. Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and a rich history enthrall tourists. Gourmet treats from Provence include fine wines, olive oils, and classic Provençal food.

Southern Spain's Andalusia is renowned for its varied culture, long history, and breathtaking scenery. Along the Costa del Sol, Andalusia offers a fusion of Moorish and Christian architecture, flamenco music and dance, and mouthwatering food in its energetic cities of Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. Travelers looking for a special and life-long experience frequent the area because of its pleasant weather and friendly environment.

Modern buildings and a wide range of cuisine combine in a fascinating way in London. Its skyline, with its recognizable Shard and cutting-edge Walkie Talkie, is a monument to modern design. With street food markets like Borough Market and Michelin-starred restaurants like HIDE, the dining scene is just as lively and offers a global gastronomic adventure.

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