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The City

London: 3 Day Itinerary

The global city of London blends ancient majesty and technological innovation in its architecture. The Shard and Gherkin are modern, while iconic landmarks represent the city's heritage. From classical elegance to contemporary brilliance, London's architecture reflects its diversity. We hope you like our three-day luxury London itinerary.


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Luxe London Absolute Musts

Architecture Walk - Modern architecture stroll in The City & Bankside explores London's skyline.

Royal Observatory  - A center for cosmic exploration, historic astronomy, and the Prime Meridian.

Holland Park - Kyoto Garden tranquility, sculptures, cultural sanctuary mixing nature and art.

Luxe London Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through London with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

The Hoxton, Southwark


Day 1


Lloyd's Building


The Leadenhall Building


30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)


Exchange Square


201 Bishopsgate


Spitalfields Market


St. Paul's Cathedral


Millennium Bridge


Tate Modern


Borough Market


The Queen's Walk


Tower Bridge



Day 2


Uber Boat by Thames Clippers - Bankside Pier


Royal Observatory Greenwich


Royal Academy of Arts


Kricket Soho


Carnaby Street



Gentlemen's Tonic


Day 3


Battersea Power Station


Design Museum


Holland Park


Princess Diana Memorial Fountain


Marylebone Village Shopping & Dining Destination


Ikoyi Restaurant

Inside St. Pauls Cathedral
Dish at HIDE
Hyde Park Instilations

London Day 1: The City, Bankside & London Bridge

Image by Samuel Isaacs
Tate Modern, Bankside

The South Bank-based Hoxton Southwark is a chic urban getaway. The hotel offers comfortable accommodations, a warm atmosphere, and beautiful city views with its modern style and industrial charm. Its ideal location and modern aesthetics attract guests seeking comfort and style.

Architecture Walk: The City

Explore The City's stunning modern skyline by architecture. Go to Bank or Monument by tube. Start at Lloyd's Building, a futuristic building with innovative structure. The Gherkin, a glass masterpiece at 30 St Mary Axe, and the Leadenhall Building are stunning. Finish your tour with 201 Bishopsgate and Exchange Square, where vivid public art pieces blend creativity with urban life.

Spitalfields Market in The City blends history and modernity. This busy market has stalls selling handmade crafts, apparel, and food. Visitors can enjoy an eclectic mix of culture, shopping, and cuisine in its lovely restored Victorian buildings.

Architecture Walk: Bankside

From Spitalfields, go to St. Paul's Cathedral's lush gardens. Walk to the Millennium Bridge, a modern marvel that blends tradition and modernity. Enjoy stunning public art along the way. Walk across the bridge to the Tate Modern, a power station turned art gallery with stunning design.

Contemporary art and architecture shine at Tate Modern. Visitors encounter industrial-chic decor and a varied collection of worldwide modern art in its expansive galleries. The museum represents London's vibrant art culture inside and out.

Architecture Walk: Queen's Walk

Walk to Borough Market from Tate Modern to finish your walk. Relax and drink coffee in the market's bustling environment. Continue along Queen's Walk to see City Hall and Tower Bridge. This route brilliantly blends old and new London.

Hutong, on London's Shard skyscraper, serves Chinese cuisine. From Level 33, it has magnificent city views. After taking the Northern or Jubilee Line to London Bridge station, walk to The Shard entrance on St. Thomas Street. This elegant blend of culture and architecture offers excellent flavors and stunning views to enhance your culinary experience.

London Day 2: Greenwich, Soho & Piccadilly

Hide Restaurant London
Hide Restaurant

Follow these instructions to take a scenic water taxi from Bankside to Greenwich. Walk to Bankside Pier from The Hoxton. Thames Clippers Uber Boats travel directly down the Thames. Relax and enjoy the voyage past Tower Bridge before disembarking at Greenwich Pier. By connecting two ancient areas, this canal excursion shows London's charm in a new way.

Earth's longitude zero is the Prime Meridian at Greenwich's Royal Observatory. Visitors can cross the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at this scientific landmark. Explore this famous landmark, visit astronomical exhibitions, and stand on a historical and geographical line.

The Royal Academy of Arts in downtown London is a cultural beacon. Since 1768, it has promoted visual arts through exhibitions, teaching, and discussion. Its historic galleries display works from many ages and genres. The institution celebrates artistic innovation and is a hub for art lovers and creators, known for its Summer Exhibition.

Modern Indian cuisine is served at Kricket Soho in London's bustling area. The restaurant reinvents classic recipes with modern flair. Kricket Soho's intimate environment and robust flavors make it a great dining experience that represents the city's diverse cuisine culture.

Historic Carnaby Street has been London's fashion and cultural hub since the 1960s. Since the Sixties, it's been a hotbed of creativity and revolt. Carnaby Street is now a bustling boutique shopping district with fashion, lifestyle, and beauty stores. The district's art culture hosts events, installations, and partnerships that represent its legacy and modernity.

Gentlemen's Tonic in London is a pampering retreat. Men receive customized massages using top products and therapeutic techniques. This elegant hideaway offers rejuvenation and refinement away from the metropolis.

Elegant design charms diners at Hide, a London's 50 Best. Its three floors merge contemporary simplicity with natural materials and include floor-to-ceiling windows that surround Green Park vistas. Elegant simplicity and inventive food create an engaging city center eating experience.

London Day 3: Battersea, Kensington & Marylebone

Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station

The renowned Battersea Power Station is an industrial design masterpiece. The Art Deco façade's chimneys and brickwork radiate majesty and creativity. A former coal-fired power station, its elegant architecture symbolizes the city's history and metamorphosis into a modern cultural and residential hub with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and outdoor space.

A sleek modernist structure on Kensington High Street houses London's Design Museum, a creative hub. John Pawson's basic construction is elegant. Its numerous presentations of product design, fashion, and architecture make it a vibrant magnet for design enthusiasts.

Holland Park is a lush park with stunning public art. Within its calm grounds is the Kyoto Garden, a Japanese-inspired oasis. Sculptures and installations blend nature with art. This combination of natural beauty and creative innovation makes the park a paradise for art and nature enthusiasts.

Hyde Park becomes a vibrant canvas with installations. Zaha Hadid's Serpentine Pavilion is an annual highlight. Landmark sculptures connect nature with art. Culture is enhanced by Speaker's Corner, a historic free speech venue. Contemporary art with the park's ageless beauty create a unique creative experience.

Marylebone Village blends retail and art into a cultural hub. Fashion and vintage businesses line its picturesque streets, offering curated shopping. Various artists' works are displayed in galleries and studios. This mix of retail and creativity makes Marylebone Village a unique cultural and commercial destination.

Ikoyi in London serves innovative West African food. The restaurant's modern African cuisine uses rich ingredients and elegant presentation. Ikoyi's upscale atmosphere offers a unique eating experience.

Luxe London Extensions

Art, design, and architecture blend in Paris, a cultural hub. The Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum are architectural marvels. Montmartre's bohemian charm nurtures artistic legacy, while the Centre Pompidou innovates. Paris is a mesmerizing canvas of past and present art.

Valencia is a bustling art, design, and architecture hub. The City of Arts and Sciences has futuristic buildings and antique gems like the Silk Exchange. Contemporary art galleries and street murals create a diversified cultural landscape that captivates visitors.

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