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Bangkok image by Worachat Sodsri

Bangkok: 3 Day Itinerary

Thai city Bangkok enthralls tourists with its colorful street markets, stunning temples, and contemporary skyscrapers. Rich history of the city is entwined with vibrant nightlife, a variety of cuisine, and kind welcome. This luxury three day itinerary gives a fascinating and immersive experience of Bangkok, from historical sites to lively street life.


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Luxe Bangkok Absolute Musts

Four Seasons - without a doubt one of our all-time favorite locations. The design, details, service and food - impeccable.

Gaa  - incredible food experience - the flavors, presentation and creativeness were truly outstanding.

MOCA - contemporary art that will thrill and excite as you see the creativity of this amazing country.

Luxe Bangkok Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Bangkok with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok


Day 1


Boat Pier


Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram


Rattanakosin Island


Grand palace


The Standard Bangkok



Ojo Bangkok


Erb Spa



Day 2


Bang Pa-In Palace


Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon


Wat Maha That


Wat Phra Si Sanphet


Yu Ting Yuan

Lobster dish at Yu Ting Yuan.jpeg

Day 3


Museum of Contemporary Art


Baan Phadthai


Talat Noi


Warehouse 30


Penthouse Bar + Grill

moca men

Bangkok Day 1: Rattanakosin

Four Seasons Bangkok lobby art
Four Seasons Lobby

Luxurious elegance and faultless service are combined in perfect harmony at The Four Seasons Bangkok. While the dining selections delight with culinary treasures, the lavish rooms and suites radiate comfort and refinement. Excellent workout and spa facilities provide a revitalising experience.

Long-tail Boat Express Taxi

Organise a water taxi at the hotel pier for an express ride to Rattanakosin, the Old Town. In this twenty-minute trip, see the charming Flower Market, the magnificent Wat Arun, and other historical sites.

Explore Rattanakosin

Discover Bangkok's cultural gems first by seeing the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Chetuphon, and the famed lying Buddha. Choose a one-hour quick tour to make sure you see the most of these amazing sites. Always wear long pants, or buy a colorful linen pair from the local shops in the area.

Tuk Tuk to Mahanakhon

Exhilarating was the tuk-tuk trip from the Grand Palace to The Standard Mahanakhon. We moved across the city, the colourful streets rushing by. The lively mood and cold air heightened the thrill. The driver gave a distinct viewpoint of the lively spirit of the city as he deftly negotiated the traffic. That trip captured the essence of Bangkok and was unforgettable.

Thailand's highest restaurant, Ojo, wows with its glitzy interior, inventive Mexican food, and breathtaking 360-degree vistas from the outside patio. Under Chef Francisco Paco Ruano's direction, Ojo serves up real flavors in each dish. A trip to the Sky Beach rooftop bar will round out your experience. This restaurant did everything properly.

One must indulge in daily massages while in Thailand. Only ten minutes' drive from the hotel, Erb Spa provides enough of room in a clean, comfortable setting. Those looking for an inexpensive and revitalizing daily massage session should strongly consider this alternative to expensive hotel spas.

Bangkok's Gaa Restaurant offers a bold and sensory-exciting dining experience. Chef Garima Arora oversees a menu of creative and beautifully presented meals that skillfully combine Southeast Asian and Indian ingredients. Modern, minimalist décor in the restaurant creates a cozy atmosphere. Perfect service and a well chosen wine list improve the whole eating experience. Foodies visiting Bangkok should not miss Gaa Restaurant, which is a monument to inventiveness and invention in the kitchen.

Bangkok Day 2: Ayutthaya Private Tour

Image by AXP Photography

Plan a private tour with Kitty to get a customized day adventure. For the trip, she provides a cozy and well-kept Toyota van. Kitty arranges the schedule so you can make the most of your time by seeing other sites on the way to Ayutthaya. For an educational trip, you will have a driver and an English-speaking tour guide. Book on TourHQ through her business, Aunyaphat Sirirojjanakittikun.

Explore Bang Pa In Palace

Enchanting summer house Bang Pa In Palace is tucked away in Ayutthaya. Chinese, European, and Thai influences are harmoniously combined in this vast royal complex. There is peace created by the well kept gardens, elaborate pavilions, and placid lakes. Every structure has its own special appeal and takes guests back to a time of royal magnificence.

Explore Wat Yai Chai Mongkon

Ayutthaya is home to the hallowed Buddhist temple Wat Yai Chai Mongkon, which is significant both historically and spiritually. Its imposing Buddha sculptures and magnificent stupa draw in admiration and respect. The calm environment of the temple offers a peaceful area for introspection. Its appeal is increased by the well kept grounds and elaborate architectural features.

Explore Wat Mahathat

A compelling reminder of Thailand's past splendor is Wat Mahathat. Curious and inspiring is the temple's famous Buddha head encircled by tree roots. The ruins take visitors on a historical journey. There are elaborate buildings, fine carvings, and a calm atmosphere when one explores the temple grounds.

Explore Wat Prasri Sanphet

Standing as a magnificent reminder of the city's regal past is Wat Prasri Sanphet in Ayutthaya. Once a large palace, this old temple has imposing chedis whose minute features enthrall. The large grounds beckon tourists to lose themselves in the past with their calm and quiet environment.

Nestled inside the Four Seasons, Yu Ting Yuan is a gastronomic treasure that takes visitors to the core of Chinese cooking. With its classy setting and personal service, the restaurant provides a wonderful dining experience. All of the dishes, from classic Cantonese specialties to avant-garde inventions, are masterworks of flavor and presentation. Every taste reveals the care taken and the use of high-quality ingredients. Dim sum and real Peking duck are just two of the culinary adventures Yu Ting Yuan offers.

Bangkok Day 3: Chatuchak & Talat Noi

MOCA Bangkok

Leading art museum MOCA Bangkok has an amazing collection of modern works in a variety of media by Thai and foreign artists. For art lovers, its expertly chosen shows, immersive design, and wide range of topics encourage creativity and cross-cultural communication.

Renowned for serving up a delectable version of the traditional Thai meal pad Thai is Baan Phadthai. The restaurant provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere together with kind service. Skillfully and precisely made, the pad Thai uses premium ingredients and real tastes. Baan Phadthai offers both residents and visitors wanting to sample the famous Thai meal a wonderful eating experience with a range of customizing and accompaniment choices.

Explore Talat Noi

Bangkok, Thailand's lively and endearing Talat Noi neighbourhood. Distinguished by its old buildings and little lanes, it provides a special fusion of old and new. Famous for its street art, busy markets, and undiscovered treasures like neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops are the streets. Discovering Talat Noi offers an insight into the rich cultural legacy of the city, so it's a must-see for anyone looking for a genuine and off-the-beaten-path Bangkok experience.

Talat Noi is not far from Warehouse 30, a creative and cultural hub. Renovated warehouse housing that provides a special fusion of design, art, and living experiences. Among the many activities held at the location are food markets, pop-up shops, workshops, and art shows. A lively environment for guests to fully immerse themselves in the local creative community is created by Warehouse 30's industrial-chic vibe. Warehouse 30 is a vibrant and interesting place to explore, regardless of your interests—art, design, or just seeking for something different to eat and shop.

A further soothing massage may be had at Erb Spa, which is located on the border of Warehouse 30. Book well in advance, please.

Park Hyatt Bangkok's Penthouse Bar and Grill provides great food and entertainment along with stunning views of the city. Succulent steaks, seafood and creative cocktails are among the menu's blend of regional and international tastes. It's a top pick for a special dining experience because of its attentive staff, glitzy rooftop setting, and live entertainment.

Luxe Bangkok Extensions

Leading islands in Thailand, Phuket and Koh Samui, provide a variety of experiences. While Koh Samui enthralls with its peaceful beaches, opulent resorts, and verdant scenery, Phuket offers a lively nightlife, historic cities, and a variety of beaches. Both promise idyllic retreats that combine contemporary conveniences with culture and the outdoors.

Balinese rice paddies and rainforests encircle this tranquil and culturally diverse island. Popular for its temples, dance, and traditional crafts, Ubud is a center for Balinese art and a sanctuary for yoga and health retreats.

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