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Viking Boat Sculpture

Iceland: 4 Day Itinerary

Four days of luxury self-drive exploration of Iceland along the South Coast is an enthralling experience. If you're lucky, you'll see the beautiful Northern Lights dancing across the sky, see the stunning Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, take in the grandeur of famous waterfalls, and meander through Thingvellir National Park's geological and historical treasures. Icelandic luxury and natural splendor combine on this trip.


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Luxe Iceland Absolute Musts

Ice Caves - Travel over the biggest glacier in the world and follow your guide into the breathtakingly beautiful ice tunnels.

Reynisfjara Beach  - The famous ocean structures, strong waves, and eye-catching basalt columns of black sand beach.

Fiskmarkaðurinn - Hrefna Saetran's excellent Icelandic-Asian seafood restaurant is producing creative treats.

Luxe Iceland Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Iceland with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary


The Reykjavik Edition

Day 1


Hertz Car Rental Iceland - Keflavik Arrivals Hall




Sky Lagoon


Fiskmarkaðurinn / Fish Market



Fish Market Tuna


Hótel Vík

Day 2






Reynisfjara Beach


Berg Restaurant


Dyrhólaey Lighthouse

Day 3




Kirkjugólf Natural Monument


Diamond Beach Hiking Trail


Diamond Beach


 Nailed It Fish and Chips


Tröll Expeditions Crystal Blue Ice Cave


Restaurant Suður-Vík




The Reykjavik Edition

Day 4


Thingvellir National Park


Harbor in Reykjavik


Street art Laugavegur


The Spa at The Reykjavik EDITION


Sumac Grill + Drinks



Jökulsárlón Ice Cave
Thingviller National Park

Iceland Day 1: Reykjavik

Image by Jonatan Pie
North Lights Viewing

Driving about Iceland is a practical way to see it. Luxe advises hiring a brand-new Land Rover Defender, like we did from Hertz at KEF airport. Long distance driving is perfect for this elegant and comfy 4x4. Luxe recommends getting complete insurance, which will set you back $170. When road debris cracked our windshield, it showed how much the extra money was worth.

Luxurious and stylish, The Reykjavik Edition hotel combines Icelandic culture with modern amenities. Situated right in the center of Reykjavik, it provides tasteful accommodations, modern eating options, and breathtaking vistas. With its rooftop bar, cutting-edge fitness facility, and spa, it's the perfect option for anyone looking for a little of both comfort and cultural immersion.

Famous for its distinctive modernist style influenced by Iceland's natural surroundings, Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral is a tall, recognisable structure. Seen from all around the city, its distinctive architecture features a huge pipe organ and a panoramic observation deck with breath-taking views of the city. In addition to being a place of worship, the cathedral represents Iceland culturally.

With naturally heated, mineral-rich waters, Sky Lagoon provides a luxurious and revitalising experience. This tranquil haven, which is crafted to meld in with the craggy coastal scenery, has an infinity edge, expansive views of the ocean, and customary Icelandic health treatments. Combining contemporary conveniences with the ageless beauty of Icelandic landscape, it's the ideal getaway for unwinding.

Under the direction of Ágúst Reynisson and chef Hrefna Saetran, Fiskmarkaðurinn serves great Icelandic food in a friendly, welcoming setting. We started our dinner with delicious scallop sashimi and seafood soup, then glazed aubergine seasoned with Asian spices and tuna tartare topped with crispy leeks and kimchi guacamole. Excellent mains were the fish lover trio and the miso black cod. The chocolate cake was the perfect finish, melting in your mouth delicious. Choosing a la carte over the sample menu meant large portions. A must-see; make reservations well in advance to ensure a place.

Visit the unspoiled views of the Grótta Peninsula, the peaceful North Shore Walk, the less lighted Vesturbaer neighborhood, the open landscapes of the Álftanes Peninsula, and Öskjuhlíð Hill for a city-near perch to see the Northern Lights. Every place provides a different viewpoint from which to see this natural show, away from the light of the city.
Tip: check out the My Aurora Forecast app for all the information about tracking the Northern Lights.

Iceland Day 2: Reynisfjara, Fjaðrárgljúfur & Vik

South Coast Scenery

Ahead of you when touring Iceland in the winter are slippery roads and fierce winds. November has few daylight hours—often only six—which affects the timetables of tours. Places and duration spent at each attraction should be prioritized as some may be less easily accessible. The low, about 40° F, temperatures are comfortable. Clear sky to blizzards are all possible in a short amount of time. Wear suitable warm waterproof clothes and thermals; waterproof boots are essential.

Wandering beneath the tumbling water curtain at Seljalandsfoss, a magnificent waterfall well-known for its unusual feature, offers tourists an amazing and immersive experience. Naturalists and photographers looking for amazing vistas of Iceland's natural beauty frequent the waterfall, which plunges around 60 meters from a rocky cliff and is surrounded by thick vegetation.

Standing sixty metres high, Skógafoss is another stunning waterfall renowned for its strong, thunderous cascades. It's a well-liked tourist and hiker destination surrounded by dramatic cliffs and verdant foliage. Bright rainbows are frequently seen by visitors forming in the mist produced by the waterfall's falling waters.

Black sand beach Reynisfjara is close to the village of Vík. Towering basalt columns, sea stacks, and thundering Atlantic waves are among its famously bizarre and spectacular scenery. Strong currents and sneaker waves make the beach both gorgeous and possibly dangerous. Offering a special fusion of natural beauty and geological mysteries, it is a well-liked stop for those touring Iceland's South Coast.

Nestled in the lovely hamlet of Vík í Múrdal is Hotel Vík. The hotel is located on the gorgeous South Coast of the nation and provides nice rooms, a warm ambiance, and amazing views of the surroundings, which include the well-known Reynisfjara Beach and the Reynisdrangar sea stacks. For seeing the area's natural beauties, it makes a great base. The best views are from corner room 202, which boasts floor to ceiling windows.

Berg Restaurant, housed in Hotel Vik, provides a cozy atmosphere together with expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean. Well-known for offering Icelandic food, it highlights locally obtained, fresh ingredients and combines classic recipes with cutting-edge cooking methods to provide a singular dining experience.

At Vik, seeing the Northern Lights is an amazing experience. Perfect locations are the open areas surrounding Múrdalsjökull glacier, Dyrhólaey Lighthouse for elevated views, and Reynisfjara Beach with its spectacular backdrop. The auroral displays are much more brilliant at these places because there is little light pollution.

Iceland Day 3: Fjadrargljufur, Kirkjugólf & Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón Joseph
Jökulsárlón Ice Cave

Stunning geological wonder Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon has a breathtaking scenery sculpted over millennia. Its high walls and meandering waterways define this roughly 2 km long and 100 m deep structure. Photographers will find heaven at this place, which is well-known for its ethereal beauty and amazing vistas.

A natural landmark close to the canyon is Kirkjugólf, also referred to as the 'Church Floor'. This amazing length of basalt columns seems like a tiled floor constructed by humans. This unusual and fascinating geological marvel in the picturesque scenery was created by the cooling of lava.

Icebergs from the glacier lagoon at Jökulsárlón drift to rest at the stunning shoreline known as Diamond Beach. The dark volcanic sands contrast spectacularly with these ice formations, which are as clear as diamonds. Popular with photographers, the beach offers ever-changing vistas with sunlight icebergs. Parking half a mile before the beach, climb over the hills for a more sedate perspective. There are additional walkways that take you closer to the lake for a more personal encounter with this extraordinary Icelandic marvel.

Popular for its traditional British fish and chips, is this pop-up. They serve crispy, golden-battered fish with well fried chips using fresh, locally sourced fish and seasonings. Its genuine taste and warm, inviting ambiance are well-known. We have never eaten battered cod quite like this before!

Part of the Vatnajökull Glacier lies the natural wonder Jökulsárlón Ice Cave. Transparent blue ice walls of this magnificent cave give it an unearthly feel. Only open in the winter, it presents a singular and bizarre experience that highlights the dynamic and fleeting beauty of Iceland's glacier landscapes. On our little 2.5-hour trip, we went with Troll Expeditions, and our guide Bjarni was excellent.

Back in Vík, Suður-Vík Restaurant provides a warm and friendly environment together with stunning views. Fresh seafood and regional ingredients are the specialties of this well-known Icelandic restaurant. Both residents and visitors love eating there because of its quaint, rustic atmosphere and kind staff. If at all possible, book ahead.

If your first try to see the Northern Lights yesterday was not successful, set out on a new one. Enjoy this natural show's splendor as long as you can.

Iceland Day 4: Thingvellir National Park & Reykjavik

Sumac restaurant
Sumac Restaurant

Return to the Edition for the last night of your stay. Indulge in a spa treatment, relax in the lounge or enjoy the views from the rooftop. This is an excellent base to explore the harbor and walk the city streets stopping in the many boutique shops.

Rich in both history and ecological splendor, Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Famed for hosting the first parliament in history and the meeting point of the tectonic plates of North America and Europe, the Silfra fissure. Its spectacular setting has lakes, rocks, and a wide range of plants and animals.

A hive of activity in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik Harbour blends cultural attractions with marine activities. It's close to a bustling neighborhood with museums, art galleries, and seafood eateries and serves as a starting point for whale watching excursions and puffin spotting. The port provides stunning vistas and a window into Iceland's long maritime past.

Laugavegur Street is a busy retail area well-known for its wide selection of establishments. There are designer labels and hip boutiques as well as gift shops and regional handicrafts, so shopping there is different. The street is made livelier by the cafes and restaurants that line it.

Luxurious wellness is what Reykjavik Edition's Spa has to provide. There are several revitalising therapies available in a calm, contemporary setting. A Turkish hammam, sauna, and relaxation pool are features of the spa that highlight rest and renewal in the vibrant city environment.

Sumac Restaurant uses Icelandic ingredients together with strong flavors from Lebanese and North African cuisines. Renowned for its inventive cuisine and colorful, exotic setting, Sumac provides a singular dining experience. Both residents and visitors now frequent the restaurant because of its modern décor and vibrant atmosphere.

Returning to Reykjavik, make sure you don't pass up seeing the Northern Lights. This amazing phenomena is visible at the places listed on Day 1. Alternatively, download the My Aurora Forecast app to find the best locations.

Luxe Iceland Extensions

Famous structures like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame awe Paris, the city of light. With internationally known institutions like the Louvre, it is a center for art. There is a wonderful fusion of classic and modern French food served in everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to charming bistros.

From The Shard to The Tower of London, London combines modern and old architecture. Tate Modern and the National Gallery are only two examples of the thriving art culture there. Reflecting its multicultural nature, the dining scene is varied, with traditional British pubs, hip cafes, and highly regarded international food.

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