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Miami: 3 Day Itinerary

Southeast Florida's bustling nightlife, varied culture, and beautiful beaches are the hallmarks of Miami. Popular tourist destination, it has a tropical environment, famous Art Deco buildings, a burgeoning art scene, and a blend of Caribbean and Latin American influences. Our luxury three day itinerary focuses on mainland Miami venues.


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Luxe Miami Absolute Musts

Osaka - Hands down our favorite restaurant in Miami. The BEST Peruvian Nikkei north of Lima. Book well in advance!

Wynwood  - Designer shops, cutting-edge eateries, vibrant graffiti and late-night pubs make up this urban haven.

Design District - Fashion, design, architecture, art and irresistible dining all in one place. A perfect fit for Luxe.

Luxe Miami Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Miami with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

EAST Miami Brickell


Day 1


The Underline


Rubell Museum




Brickell City Center


Sugar Rooftop Bar




Day 2


Pérez Art Museum Miami


Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum


Michael's Genuine


Miami Design District


EAST Pool Deck


Osaka Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami

Day 3


Wynwood Walls & Street Art


Upper Buena Vista




Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden


The Standard Spa


Hutong Miami

Image by Eric Christian King

Miami Day 1: Downtown, Allapattah & Brickell

Gekko Miami
Gekkō, Brickell

Downtown Miami Hotels

Choose from upscale boutique hotels in Downtown Miami, such as the stylish EAST Miami, which has a rooftop bar and slick, modern décor. There is artistic flair and breathtaking bay views at The Gabriel Miami. Think about the SLS Brickell for an opulent stay; it has great service and tasteful décor. For discriminating tourists, JW Marriott Marquis Miami provides first-rate facilities and a great location. And just opened at Miami Worldcenter is the Citizen M, which features a lively rooftop pool and cocktail bar.

Converted warehouse housing the Rubell Museum in Allapattah is a contemporary art museum. It provides art lovers a fascinating experience by presenting the cutting-edge and varied expressions of contemporary art through its enormous collection of over 7,200 works by well-known artists, immersive installations, and thought-provoking exhibitions.

A culinary treasure that is an extension of the Rubell is Leku Miami. The fine food, attentive service, and contemporary yet cozy atmosphere of this Basque-inspired restaurant wow. Leku offers a great dining experience that highlights the rich tastes and culinary customs of the Basque region, from succulent seafood to delicious pintxos and well cooked meats. One must have is the tarta de queso.

A shoppers' dream come true is Brickell City Centre. High-end stores, boutiques, and well-known brands are mixed together to provide a large selection of clothing, accessories, and house items. For those who are fashion-forward, the roomy and contemporary design together with the great dining alternatives make it an essential trip.

A lively ambiance and amazing panoramic views are features of Sugar, a rooftop bar in the East Hotel. Perfect for a laid-back and fashionable evening, it offers a distinctive and unforgettable experience right in the center of the city with its beautiful tropical garden setting, mouthwatering artisan cocktails, and Asian-inspired small meals.

A joint venture between Bad Bunny and the Miami king of restaurants, Groot hospitality, Gekkō is a Japanese-inspired steakhouse and bar. With its creative and fresh sushi rolls and steaks, as well as its expert sushi chefs and simple yet chic décor, Gekkō provides a great dining experience for those looking for quality and originality in a contemporary environment. Be ready for the masses because on the weekends it becomes a club.

Miami Day 2: Downtown & Design District

Miami Design District
Design District

Conveniently situated on the Bay is the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Thought-provoking and immersive, PAMM provides a varied array of contemporary artworks together with outstanding architecture. A must-see for art lovers, the museum displays the dynamic and changing character of contemporary art via everything from vivid paintings to thought-provoking installations.

Impressive scientific and educational site is the Frost Science Museum in Miami. It provides an engrossing investigation of the natural world with its interactive displays, planetarium and aquarium. All ages can have an interesting and immersive experience from learning about marine life to participating in practical projects.

With their inventive American food and farm-to-table attitude, Michael's Genuine in the Design District provides a unique eating experience. Fresh, seasonal, and tasty food is embodied in the wonderful and delectable dinner that is produced by the friendly atmosphere, attentive service, and well prepared meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

Miami's Design District is a lively and fashionable area that highlights the meeting point of design, fashion and art. Creative brains find sanctuary in its opulent shops, art galleries, and avant-garde architecture. For those looking for inspiration and the newest trends, the district is a must-visit because of its vibrant environment, well planned events, and fusion of culture and business.

Osaka provides a special gastronomic experience fusing Peruvian and Japanese tastes. It appeals to sushi fans as well as those looking for daring fusion food with its hip setting, inventive sushi rolls, and delicious ceviche. Osaka is a special eating destination because of its creative cuisine, excellent presentation, and vibrant atmosphere.

Miami Day 3: Wynwood, Buena Vista & Coral Gables

Image by Sieuwert Otterloo
Wynwood Walls

Celebrated for its bright street art and unique ambiance is Wynwood. It's an artists' and creative spirits' paradise with its vibrant murals, cutting-edge galleries, chic bars, and artisanal stores. Investigating Wynwood's vibrant streets provides a fully immersive experience right in the center of Miami's creative scene.

A quaint and varied Miami neighborhood is Upper Buena Vista. It provides a relaxed, creative environment with its bohemian attitude, distinctive stores, and delicious restaurants. For both locals and tourists looking for a unique and laid-back experience, the pedestrian-friendly streets, verdant surroundings, and feeling of community make it a hidden treasure. Book reservations at the excellent Walrus Rodeo and Branja, a recent Luxe favorite.

The lovely natural paradise that is Fairchild Botanical Garden. It offers a peaceful get-away from the city with its vast array of uncommon and exotic plants, calm walking paths, and amazing exhibitions. For those who enjoy gardening and nature, the garden offers enlightening activities and educational programs.

With its high-end Chinese food and classy setting, Hutong provides a sophisticated meal. Delicious dim sum and succulent Peking duck are among the menu items that highlight real tastes and beautiful presentation. Hutong is a special gastronomic destination because of its chic décor, attentive service, and amazing food.

Luxe Miami Favorite Restaurants

Osaka Miami
Osaka Cocina Nikkei

Osaka - phenomenal, innovative Nikkei cuisine with impeccable service and a modern, stylish decor. Our Luxe #1.

Hutong - Upscale Chinese cuisine, elegant ambiance, and excellent service create a memorable dining experience.

Gekkō - Trendy Japanese-inspired steak house and sushi bar offering inventive rolls and sleek atmosphere.

Doya  - A fusion of flavors of the Med, stylish decor, and impeccable service come together for an exceptional evening.

Uchi - Exquisite sushi creations, impeccable service, and a contemporary setting for this Wynwood newcomer.

KYU - A culinary masterpiece with inventive Asian-inspired dishes, trendy ambiance, and flavors that delight the palate.

Lira - Authentic Lebanese cuisine, warm hospitality, and a delightful Middle Eastern dining experience.

Maty's - Excellent new Peruvian with innovative dishes, delightful staff and a relaxed, yet chic atmosphere. 

Pastis - iconic Meatpacking District bistro lands in top form in the heart of Wynwood serving exquisite French fare.

Michael's Genuine  - Farm-to-table excellence with creative American cuisine and inviting ambiance.

Côte  - A carnivore's delight, with exceptional cuts of meat, elegant ambiance, and attentive service.

Sofia - Stylish ambiance, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, and a trendy social scene await.

Itamae - Exquisite sushi creations, authentic Japanese flavors, and skilled craftsmanship elevate the dining experience.

Branja  - elevated Israeli cuisine that's inventive and plentiful from head chef Tom Aviv.

Fiorito  - Authentic Argentine cuisine served with passion and a cozy ambiance. Best churrasco in the Americas!

Chica - Vibrant Latin American flavors, lively atmosphere, and a memorable dining journey.

Boia De - Culinary brilliance in a cozy setting, with inventive dishes and impeccable flavors.

Walrus Rodeo - Fusion cuisine, cozy atmosphere, a culinary adventure awaits at this unique venue.

Amara  - A taste of Latin American coastal cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, and waterfront dining.

Leku  - Basque-inspired delight with exceptional cuisine and stylish ambiance. Must order the Tarta de queso.

Tam Tam  - diverse Vietnamese flavorful dishes, blending international cuisines with Miami's vibrant culinary scene.

Bunbury  - cozy, Argentine-inspired eatery with unique wines and intimate ambiance.

Esotico  - tropical, Hawaiian-themed restaurant and cocktail bar with exotic drinks and vibrant, eclectic decor.

Brasserie Laurel  - upscale French dining with elegant interior and exquisite, classic culinary delights.

Luxe Miami Extensions

Rich in culture, varied in history, and brimming with activity is Mexico City. The fascinating city of CDMX combines history and modernity with its historic Aztec ruins, modern art scene, and delicious street food.

Central American nation of Guatemala is renowned for its magnificent scenery, prehistoric Mayan ruins, and vibrant indigenous culture. Guatemala combines historical riches and natural beauty, from the stunning Lake Atitlanán to the classic elegance of Antigua.

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