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Mexico City: 3 Day Itinerary

Embrace the allure of Mexico City, a modern architectural haven that blends culture and history

As a trending destination for tourists across the globe, the capital provides more than just picturesque neighborhoods. Mexico City offers a rich escapade for business professionals, travelers, and local settlers alike. With Luxe on the Fly’s dedicated luxury itinerary, you’ll get the ultimate experience.


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Luxe Mexico City Absolute Musts

Rosetta - Italian eatery set within a colonial mansion, renowned for Chef Elena Reygadas' dishes. Basil ice cream is a must!

Museo Anahuacalli  - Diego Rivera's curated pre-Hispanic artifacts housed in a volcanic-stone architectural masterpiece.

Architecture Tour - Eclectic blend of colonial, modernist, Art Deco, and indigenous influences shaping urban landscapes. 

Luxe Mexico City Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Mexico City with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

Casa Polanco Hotel


Day 1


Museo Nacional de Antropología


Museo de Arte Moderno




Castillo de Chapultepec


Las Alcobas Spa


Blanco Colima

Polanco Cafe

Day 2


Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo 


Museo Anahuacalli & Museo Frida Kahlo




Calle Colima 


Wellness House, Four Seasons



Museo Frida Kahlo

Day 3


Museo Soumaya


Fundacion Jumex




Museo Tamayo


Architecture Tour



Granada Architecture Tour



Rosewood San Miguel

Day 1


Art on the Streets


Fabrica La Aurora




Dôce 18 Concept House





Rosewood San Miguel

Mexico City Day 1: Polanco, Chapultepec & Roma Norte

Rosetta Mexico City
Rosetta, Roma Norte

Wrap your days at Casa Polanco, a boutique hotel inspired by a stunning Spanish interior. Nestled in the heart of an upscale neighborhood and near most tourist sites in the city, this mansion offers an expansive array of amenities. On top of its luxurious ambiance, guests have access to top-notch room service, meditation sessions, a wide-ranging food menu with on-demand coffee, and a private bar. 

Experience true heritage as you traverse through the Museo Nacional de Antropología. View the tangible side of Hispanic history reflected in carefully preserved collections from the Aztec, Mayan, and other indigenous civilizations at Mexico's largest Museum. 

Unpack the glory of local 20th-century art at Museo de Arte Moderno. Home to the works of famous artists like Rufino Tamayo and Frida Kahlo, this place pays tribute to the convergence of modern Mexican perspective and traditional vision.

Whether you’re looking to get a view of the city or learn about Mexico City’s rich history, Castillo De Chapultepec offers an all-in-one experience. As the coveted National Museum of History, the former house of the president is a landmark spot you wouldn’t want to miss.

Taste the allure of Mexico City and let yourself unwind at some of the best eateries and spa spots. When in the mood for hybrid cuisines, opt for lunch at Rosetta, an Italian-Mexican restaurant with a wide variety of innovative fusion dishes. Or, indulge in gastronomical brilliance at Blanco Colima, a mansion that boasts some of the best fine dining spaces with an excellent rooftop setting. End it on a relaxing note with sensational treatments at Las Alcobas Spa in Polanco and feel the physical tension escape your body. 

Mexico City Day 2: Coyoacán, Roma Norte & Condesa

Museo Anahuacalli
Museo Anahuacalli

The Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo in is a leading institution for contemporary art. Located within the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) campus, it showcases cutting-edge exhibitions from Mexican and international artists. Its modern architecture and commitment to education and research make it a pivotal space for art dialogue in Latin America.

Satiate your passion for art exhibitions when you visit Museo Anahuacalli, a top-tier institute for contemporary art founded by Diego Rivera. Home to some of the best architectural wonders from within Mexico and beyond, this is a cherished spot for many art enthusiasts.

Are you an admirer of the late Frida Kahlo? Take a trip to her birthplace, now known as Casa Azul, a wondrous building laden with stunning blue walls. This museum transports you back in time and right into the famous painter’s life.

Find artisanal items and fashion couture in Calle Colima, the hub of Casa Basalta, Objeto del Objeto, and 180. Top it off with a tantalizing meal at some of the most hip restaurants in the area. Head over to Chef Enrique’s Pujol and eat your way through a menu that celebrates Mexican cuisine with a twist. Or, book a table at Molino "El Pujol" instead. If you’re looking for something more traditional, Nicos is the perfect spot for a meal that truly feels authentically Mexican. Wrap it all up at the Wellness House inside the Four Seasons and subdue your traveler fatigue with state-of-the-art healing treatments. 

Mexico City Day 3: Granada, Roma Norte & Condesa


Museo Soumaya is recognized for its futuristic, silver-plated design. While its exterior is an architectural marvel, Luxe thinks the collection inside lacks coherence, with a diverse range of art spanning various eras and styles. We don't recommend going inside, but definitely enjoy the exterior.

Rooted in Polanco, Fundacion Jumex is a stellar spot to awaken the art admirer inside you. As the ‘it’ spot for art aficionados, this building boasts the workings of Colección Jumex and other famous international artists.

The brainchild of Rufino Tamayo, Museo Tamayo is a cherished contemporary art museum in Mexico City. It is home to some of the most unique pieces from local talent and those celebrated abroad. But that’s not all; the building’s architectural vibrancy in itself is a sight for sore eyes.

See the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Modernist treasures of Edificio Basurto, Casa Lamm, and Casa Chopin among avenues lined with trees on an architectural tour of Condesa and Roma. If you're pushed for time, you might want to divide this out across several days. This should take a good 2 hours from start to finish.

  1. Start in Condesa:

    • Casa de Los Estrada: An emblematic Art Nouveau structure with an intriguing facade, located on Amsterdam Avenue.

    • Edificio Basurto: An iconic Art Deco building known for its streamlined design and curved balconies, located on Mazatlán Street.

  2. Walk along Avenida Álvaro Obregón in Roma:

    • Casa Lamm: Once a private mansion, this Art Nouveau beauty now serves as a cultural center.

    • La Romita Church: While not strictly of the architectural styles highlighted, this church offers a colonial touch amidst the modernity, giving a sense of the area's rich history.

  3. Continue to Plaza Rio de Janeiro:

    • Around this plaza, you'll find a mix of styles, with several remarkable Art Deco facades worth noting.

  4. Stroll down Colima Street:

    • Casa Universitaria del Libro: A classic Art Nouveau building, now housing a bookstore and cultural space.

    • Museo del Objeto del Objeto (MODO): This museum, located in an Art Nouveau building, showcases design and communication but the structure itself is a testament to the style's emphasis on decorative arts.

  5. Venture back towards Condesa:

    • Casa Chopin: On the border of Condesa and Roma, this building offers Modernist architecture with a touch of Art Deco design.

    • Parque México: As you circle back, this park offers Modernist ironwork in its central kiosk and is surrounded by various Art Deco buildings. It's a serene spot to take in the architecture and culminate your tour.

There are plenty more lesser-known but as fascinating architectural treasures in the tree-lined lanes of Roma and Condesa. Look for the symmetrical, geometric patterns of Art Deco and the minute features and ornamental components of Art Nouveau. The way traditional styles are placed beside Modernist structures creates a striking image of how architecture developed in these upscale districts.

Take a bite into the local’s favorite, Quintonil, one of the world’s top 50 restaurants. This experience is bound to be unlike any other, as the eatery is known for its delectable menu of innovative Mexican dishes made from quality-first ingredients. In the second place, we recommend Ticuchi, another posh restaurant loved by tourists for its exquisite selection of Mexican items. 

Mexico City Optional Extension: San Miguel de Allende

Rosewood wall art
Wall Art, Rosewood, SMA

Not all hotels are made alike and when you step foot inside Rosewood San Miguel, it’s proof. This luxury accommodation is nestled close to the main attractions in Rosewood and brims with a multitude of amenities that enhance your stay. From gorgeously designed rooms and lush gardens to an amazing menu and even better spa facilities, it has it all. 

It’s not every day you take a stroll down the street only to gaze around at the rich architecture. San Miguel De Allende is an architectural delight. Cobblestones lined on the sides complemented by striking art, you’re bound to cherish every step of the way. While you’re on it, there are also plenty of galleries and boutique stores to explore. As the cherry on top, tourists also love to sightsee the charming Neoclassical structures recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage.

True to its name, Fabrica La Aurora is an exquisite textile factory turned art center. As you walk inside the building, prepare to be mesmerized by splendid decor and pristine furnishings. The aesthetic has an industrialized touch combined with deep historical allure. Plus don’t be surprised to catch some of the best gallery and boutique shows here!

San Miguel’s culinary scene is as vibrant as ever which is why you’ll never be disappointed. Home to different eateries, the location is loved by many tourists, local and otherwise, for what it has to offer. For lunch, Atrio is a popular choice. It boasts a stunning rooftop view with a delicious menu. You could also opt for Bekeb to enjoy fusion cocktails while eyeing panoramic shots of the city. And if you’re eager to experiment with some contemporary dishes after having a fair share of traditional Mexican stuff, Aperi will offer the desired experience. For visitors who like the best of all worlds, Dôce 18 Concept House is also a viable option. It merges different boutiques, cafes, and artisanal stores, inside a luxurious building with heritage plastered on its walls.  

Luxe Mexico City Extensions

From Cuban to upmarket fusion, Miami, a sun-drenched coastal metropolis, provides a culinary tapestry of international tastes. Its vibrant arts community is reflected in the many galleries and world-class street art on Wynwood Walls. Its standing as an arts centre is further cemented by the Design District and Art Basel.

Gem of Central America Guatemala has a strong Mayan history that is reflected in its food, which is heavy on the corn, beans, and chilies. The art galleries there present a fusion of modern and indigenous pieces. A distinctive artistic tapestry is created throughout the country by the combination of old Mayan ruins with Spanish colonial structures.

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