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Image by Grant Durr
Zeitz Museum

Cape Town: 5 Day Itinerary

Cape Town successfully blends natural beauty with urban refinement. The Silo District is humming with activity, and Table Mountain frames the city's skyline. Follow this opulent five-day itinerary to the Cape Winelands, where historic estates and undulating vines provide highly regarded wines that provide a taste of extravagance among South Africa's stunning scenery.


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Luxe Cape Town Absolute Musts

Zeitz Museum - Modern African and diaspora art, kept amid a wonder of architectural reconstruction.

Gåte at Quoin Rock  - Paul Prinsloo stresses creative, ingredient-focused cuisine with eye-catching presentation.

Delaire Graff Estate - Our top selection in the Cape Winelands is defined by stunning views, Anton Smit's art collection, and excellent food.

Luxe Cape Town Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Cape Town with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa


Day 1


Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village


Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa


The Silo Hotel Rooftop


Southern Guild


Daor Contemporary Art Gallery



Day 2




The Old Biscuit Mill


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden


Kloof Street House


Aubergine Restaurant

Insitalation inside Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Day 3


Lion's Head Hiking


Norval Foundation


The Skotnes Restaurant


 Chapman's Peak


The Lawns at the Roundhouse


Fyn Restaurant

Chapmans Peak

Day 4


Dylan Lewis Studio & Sculpture Garden


Delaire Graff Estate




Anton Smit Sculptures


Tokara Wine Estate


Rust en Vrede Wine Estate

Gate Starter three


Gåte Restaurant

Day 5


Huguenot Street


Haute Cabrière - the home of Pierre Jourdan


La Petite Ferme


Reuben's Restaurant & Bar Franschhoek


La Motte Wine Farm


La Petite Colombe

Leeu House Franschhoek

Cape Town Day 1: Waterkant & Silo District

Image by Benoit Beaumatin
Zeitz Museum, Silo District

Tucked down near Sea Point, The Glen Boutique Hotel is the perfect starting point for exploring Cape Town's gems. Its large, modern accommodations are matched with five-star excellence in service from a friendly staff. A revitalizing spa, gourmet restaurant, and cozy overlapping pools in the middle of common areas are features of the hotel. The Glen is still our favorite place to stay in Cape Town, and Luxe gives it their top recommendation.

A hive of activity in the Waterkant, Cape Quarter features a variety of galleries and artworks. Celebrating regional artisans, this distinctive shopping location offers a variety of traditional and modern items. Immersion in the rich culture allows visitors to appreciate South Africa's creative flare and find hidden treasures.

A lighthouse of modern African art is the Zeitz Museum, situated in the Silo District. Its architecture, a masterwork by Thomas Heatherwick, is housed in a converted grain silo and blends contemporary design features with the building's industrial past. The silo tubes' cylindrical galleries produce a singular area that combines avant-garde architecture, art, and history.

Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront are spectacularly visible from the rooftop restaurant of the Silo Hotel in Cape Town. A gourmet paradise, the restaurant serves up meals that combine regional and global flavours, created by Veronica Canha-Hibbert, its well-known chef. Gourmet food combined with unmatched views and the famous setting inside the old grain silo structure make for an unmatched dining experience.

Premier gallery Southern Guild presents African design. Reputable for showcasing the best artists and designers on the continent, it provides a carefully chosen selection of avant-garde works that push the envelope. Southern Guild has established itself as a key forum for modern African creativity and craftsmanship through exhibitions and partnerships.

The Zeitz Museum's neighbor, Daor Contemporary Art Gallery, is a repurposed industrial facility that honors modern African art. The gallery promotes a variety of disciplines in South African and Pan African art. Daor works with Warren Editions on print projects and exhibits a large collection of Creative Blocks from the Spier Arts Trust.

With its golden entry and Victorian-style décor, Salon provides a personal dining experience. Chef Luke Dale-Roberts' Journey menu, which reflects his culinary development, including trademark dishes from the places he has worked in. The short, interactive menu captures Luke's many culinary adventures and enables guests to go on a nine-course journey.

Cape Town Day 2: Woodstock, Newlands & Gardens

Image by Joshua Kettle
Kirstenbosch, Newlands

Leading contemporary art venue Whatiftheworld Gallery in the heart of Cape Town presents cutting-edge African artists. Founded to provide a forum for a new wave of up-and-coming South African artists, the gallery is committed to supporting ground-breaking work that pushes the limit of African contemporary art by questioning conventional artistic boundaries and narratives.

Originally a working biscuit mill, the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock is now a thriving center of culture. These days, it blends modern design with its industrial past to house craft markets, gourmet restaurants, and artisanal stores. This renovated area is a monument to adaptive reuse since it has architectural features from its past that merge history and innovation.

Renowned botanical garden Kirstenbosch is situated against Table Mountain in Newlands. Encouraging the variety of flora in South Africa, it is a tranquil sanctuary for nature lovers. Apart from its floral treasures, Kirstenbosch is a harmonic fusion of nature and culture with its well-known summer music events that attract both residents and visitors for unforgettable concerts among its lush surroundings.

Within a magnificent Victorian home sits the enthralling restaurant Kloof Street House. Combining beautiful gardens with eccentric décor, it creates a mystical eating experience. Famous for its gourmet food, the restaurant is a unique culinary experience that combines international tastes with a regional touch.

A calm haven for rest and renewal is provided by the spa at The Glen Boutique Hotel. Using a combination of contemporary and traditional therapies, the spa offers customized treatments to guarantee maximum well being. The spa emphasizes comprehensive wellness, so clients leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated with everything from therapeutic massages and energizing facials to holistic body treatments.

A gourmet paradise housed in a historic edifice is Aubergine Restaurant. It is well known for fusing Asian and European tastes and stresses locally grown, in-season ingredients. Combining history with modern culinary skill, Aubergine provides an unmatched dining experience with a refined atmosphere and a wine list featuring regional choices.

Cape Town Day 3: Steenberg, Camps Bay & Speakers' Corner

Norval Foundation
Action, by William Kentridge - Norval Foundation

Lion's Head

Hiking Lion's Head provides amazing sweeping vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain, and the city itself. This quite difficult climb passes via unusual vegetation, winding pathways, and a few high parts with ladders and chains. It takes between one and three hours to complete round journey and offers breathtaking views and priceless memories at sunrise or sunset.

Near Steenberg is the Norval Foundation, a hub for artistic and cultural expression. In honoring artists from the 20th and 21st centuries, it provides a well chosen fusion of music, visual arts, and indigenous culture. Tucked away in a peaceful natural setting, the foundation combines artistic inquiry with environmental preservation.

With its food, Skotnes Restaurant, part of the Norval Foundation, honors South African history. Using foods that are produced sustainably, the restaurant, named for renowned artist Cecil Skotnes, combines regional flavours. Dining here offers a cultural and gastronomic experience with its artistic displays and views of landscaped gardens.

Chapman's Peak

Sunset drives up Chapman's Peak provide a once-in-a-lifetime coastline experience. Carved into the mountainside, the meandering route offers expansive vistas of the glistening Atlantic Ocean and towering peaks. A captivating experience of the grandeur of nature, the ocean is bathed in golden hues as the sun sets.

Sunsets at The Lawns are spectacular. Enjoying cool beverages while the sun sets and a golden glow fills the sky, visitors are overlooking the sea. Together with the sound of the waves and the lively social scene, the relaxed atmosphere makes for the perfect finale to a Cape Town day.

Modern dining hotspot FYN is run by renowned chef Peter Tempelhoff. Tempelhoff crafts a singular eating experience by fusing Japanese design with South African food. Offering expansive views of the city and the mountains, FYN positions itself as the pinnacle of modern fine dining right in the center of the city.

Cape Town Day 4: Stellenbosch

Gate Amuse Bouche
Gåte at Quoin Rock, Stellenbosch

The moving sculptures of well-known South African artist Dylan Lewis are on display in the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden. The seven-hectare park, which is framed by the Stellenbosch Mountains, combines well chosen walkways with Lewis's evocative bronze sculptures. It reflects ideas of wilderness and metamorphosis in a tasteful fusion of art and nature.

Art sanctuary and opulent vineyard Delaire Graff Estate. Its modern Cape architecture design makes it look perfectly at home with the breathtaking surroundings. Renowned African artists are part of the amazing art collection on the estate, which is owned by diamond magnate Laurence Graff. World-class wines, fine dining, and amazing art are all combined for guests against the lush Winelands and Boland Mountains.

A homage to Laurence Graff, the owner of Delaire Graff Estate, HŌSEKI means "jewel" in Japanese. Under Head Chef Virgil Kahn, who was previously at Gordon Ramsay's Maze and Nobu at The One&Only Cape Town, the restaurant serves modern fare with a hint of Japan. Sharing dishes respect Japanese customs. The artwork "Swallows in Flight" enhances the blue and copper tones of the space, which represent good fortune. An actual farm-to-table experience is promised by seasonal dishes that include vegetables purchased ethically and components from the estate.

Renowned South African sculptor Anton Smit is best known for his enormous pieces. With human features and figures recurrent motifs, his sculptures frequently address issues like growth, peace, conflict, and relationships. Deeply felt expressions, intricate texture, and emotional evocation are hallmarks of Smit's works. His work is both startling visually and profoundly reflective because of the depth and dimension that his wide variety of materials and processes provide. See Delaire's paintings in their natural environment by touring the grounds after lunch.

Celebrated for its fine wines and olive oils, Tokara Winery is situated across from Delaire Graff. Modern winemaking is combined with visually arresting buildings in this setting against the Simonsberg Mountains. Oenophiles should not miss Tokara, where they can sample wines while taking in expansive vistas of the Cape Winelands.

Renowned for making excellent red wines, particularly its own estate mix, is Rust en Vrede. Among the oldest estates in South Africa, it was founded in 1694. Rust en Vrede, with its sophisticated cellar, fine dining restaurant on site, and stunning vineyards, perfectly captures the historic winemaking legacy of the Cape Winelands.

Nestled in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley, La Clé Village combines gracious living with customary Cape Winelands hospitality. Beautifully renovated village homes combine traditional and modern design. Along with pools, lovely gardens, and common lounges, guests can enjoy large suites. For discriminating tourists, La Clé Village is a peaceful haven with committed service and close proximity to well-known wineries.

A hidden culinary treasure in the Cape Winelands, Gåte Restaurant at Quoin Rock serves a blend of regional and international cuisine. The menu, created under the direction of Chef Paul Prinsloo, features creative cuisine with an emphasis on locally available products. Diners are assured of delicious meals in an amazing setting as the restaurant's decor melds in perfectly with the neighboring vineyards.

Cape Town Day 5: Franschhoek

Haute Cabrière
Terrace Restaurant, Haute Cabrière

Boutique shopping abounds on Huguenot Street in Franschhoek, which offers a distinctive fusion of regional and global treasure. Explore artisanal products, handcrafted jewelry, beautiful antiques, and well chosen fashion collections throughout the lovely storefronts. Nestled against the stunning Cape Winelands, this lively street perfectly encapsulates the fusion of rustic charm and modern flair that defines Franschhoek.

Tucked away in the valley, Haute Cabrière is a renowned winery well-known for its mixes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. With its foundation in the idea that wine and cuisine go hand in hand, it provides stunning mountain vistas, elaborate wine cellars, and passionate winemaking that perfectly encapsulates its region.

Boutique winery and opulent lodging facility La Petite Ferme. Recognised for its fine dining and wine selections, it offers expansive vistas of the Cape Winelands. La Petite Ferme provides a personal haven and a classic Winelands experience with its vineyard cottages, calm atmosphere, and well-known restaurant.

Leading the restaurant is renowned South African chef Reuben Riffel. Renowned for its contemporary South African food, the restaurant combines regional tastes with sophisticated international flair. Reuben's distinctive touch gives guests a gourmet experience against the stunning Cape Winelands setting.