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Cusco: 5 Day Itinerary

Our luxury five day Cusco itinerary combines old world beauty with contemporary energy. It serves as the base from which to explore the magnificent Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, which is located atop the Andes. Machu Picchu enthralls visitors with its old charm and natural beauty and is a must-see destination because of its amazing architecture, ethereal ambiance, and breathtaking views.


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Luxe Cusco Absolute Musts

Pisac - Small Andean community well-known for colorful artisan shops, breathtaking mountain views, and Inca remains.

Mil - Another winner by Virgilio Martinez with breathtaking views of the neighboring mountains.

Moray - Circular terraces thought to have been utilized for agricultural experimentation.

Luxe Cusco Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Cusco with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary

Tambo del Inka


Day 1




Centro Arqueológico de Chinchero


Kalpa Spa

Centro Arqueológico de Chinchero.jpeg

Day 2


Parque Arqueológico Pisac


MIL - Food Lab and Interpretation Center




Salt Mine of Maras


El Huacatay


Day 3


PeruRail - Train to Machu Picchu


Aguas Calientes


Machu Picchu


Toto's House

Machu Picchu.jpeg



Day 4




Chicha por Gaston Acurio




Twelve Angled Stone


Hypnôze Spa



Rost duck from Cicciolina_edited.jpg

Day 5


Church of the Society of Jesus


San Blas View Point


Inka Museum



Inka Museum Artifacts.jpeg

Cusco Day 1: Sacred Valley

local woman cusco

Private Car Hire

Experience the Sacred Valley with a personalized touch. Arrange a private car hire with Cesar Delgado—a native of Cusco and English-speaking driver who offers a well-maintained and comfortable SUV. Discuss your itinerary with him and he will assist with your transportation needs throughout your stay. Contact Cesar on WhatsApp for availability and pricing at +51984195124 


With breathtaking views of the Andes mountains and old terraces, Chinchero is a little community well-known for its rich cultural legacy and Incan past. Explore the Incan archeological site, see expert textile weavers, and tour local markets. Chinchero is a genuine and breathtakingly beautiful cultural treasure. Top Tip: Purchase a Tourist Pass there to use at several Inca ruins.

Tucked down in the Sacred Valley, this opulent hideaway provides a tasteful fusion of contemporary conveniences and age-old customs. With breath-taking vistas of the neighboring mountains, it offers the perfect environment for adventure and leisure. Savor fine dining, indulge in spa treatments, and visit neighboring archeological sites.

Kallpa Spa

Relaxation and renewal are found in the Kallpa Spa in Tambo del Inka resort. Massages and facials are only two of the opulent therapies available to help you relax and reenergize your body, mind, and spirit in a calm and peaceful setting. Plan daily appointments at the water massage beds, Vichy showers, and hydromassage pools.

Hawa Restaurant

Situated in the Tambo del Inka resort, Hawa Restaurant showcases Peruvian cuisine. Specializing on locally obtained products and cutting-edge methods, you may enjoy delicious food and breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley to make a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Cusco Day 2: Pisac & Moray

Mil restaurant
Mil, Moray

With terraces, temples, and exquisite stone workmanship, this amazing Inca ruin complex close to Cusco provides a window into the architectural mastery of the ancient civilization together with breathtaking views of the mountains. Ensure you take the two-hour long full tour of the temples.

The MIL restaurant, which blends archeology with cuisine, is situated in Moray. Under the direction of well-known chef Virgilio Martínez, it presents a singular dining experience with creative Peruvian food influenced by regional ingredients and customs. The Moray archeological site is breathtakingly beautiful, and you may enjoy amazing food.

Mysterious Inca ruin complex Moray Archaeological Site is interesting. It is thought that an agricultural laboratory was housed on its unique circular terraces that drop into the ground. Explore this fascinating site, take in the distinctive architecture, and be amazed by the inventiveness of Inca farming methods.

Over 3,000 little salt lakes tumbling down a steep valley make up the breathtaking Maras Salt Mines network. This historic salt extraction site has been in use for millennia and is still producing excellent salt using age-old techniques. Its natural beauty and historical value enthrall tourists to this stunning and intriguing region.

In the Sacred Valley, there's a lovely restaurant called El Huacatay that serves up authentic Peruvian food. The restaurant serves meals like ceviche and lomo saltado, emphasizing regional ingredients and flavors, and offers a pleasant eating experience in a quaint outdoor setting surrounded by the valley's picturesque scenery.

Cusco Day 3: Machu Picchu

Belmond Train to Cusco
Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

The Hiram Bingham train is an opulent and private means of getting from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu. With its name honoring the American explorer, it provides breath-taking views of the Andes. Gourmet food, live music, and faultless service provide passengers with an unforgettable and sophisticated trip.

An old Inca citadel tucked away high in the Andes Mountains is Machu Picchu. A New Seven Wonder of the World, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discovered for its amazing architecture and breath-taking vistas, Machu Picchu draws tourists from all over the world to explore its enigmatic remains and fully experience its rich history and unspoiled beauty. Allow 4 hours, plus additional time if you plan to climb Huayna Picchu.

Hunger is probably going to strike after a full morning at Machu Picchu. While there's the buffet restaurant at the front gate, Toto's House is a better place to eat. It's ideally located to the train station and provides good food and a comfortable place to unwind before your trip.

On the return trip from Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo, Peru Rail provides a number of train choices. While the Expedition train offers reasonably priced comfy seats, the Vistadome train has expansive windows for breathtaking vistas. The Hiram Bingham is an other option. Pick the train that works best for you because, after a hard day, you'll probably just want to sleep for the two hours or so of travel.

Hawa Restaurant

Savor a delicious dinner at the hotel's Hawa Restaurant and unwind at the spa following an amazing day spent seeing Machu Picchu. Give yourself some much needed downtime and delicious food.

Cusco Day 4: Cusco

Chica, Cusco

Private Transfer to Cusco

Set out on the last section of the trip with Cesar as you head out of the Sacred Valley and into the center of Cusco. It will take around an hour to drive to your accommodation.

Nestled within a renovated monastery from the sixteenth century, The Monasterio is a Belmond Hotel that provides a singular fusion of luxury and history. For discriminating tourists discovering the historic city of Cusco, the hotel offers a sumptuous and unforgettable experience with its beautifully furnished rooms, magnificent courtyard, and first-rate service.

Next door is the magnificent Inca archeological site Sacsayhuamán. It has enormous, up to nine-meter-tall stone walls that exhibit amazing Inca stonemasonry. Immersed in the rich history and architectural wonders of the Inca empire, visitors may explore the site's vast terraces, ceremonial areas, and panoramic views of Cusco.

Renowned Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio founded Chicha. Offering a varied menu of both classic and modern cuisine, it honors the rich flavors and culinary customs of Peru. Chicha offers a pleasant eating experience that highlights the variety of Peruvian cuisine in a lively and friendly setting.

One of the key Inca Empire sacred monuments in Cusco was Qoricancha, sometimes called the Temple of the Sun. It was decorated with gold and priceless antiques and had magnificent Inca masonry. Its combination of Spanish colonial and Inca architecture now provides an intriguing window into Peruvian history and culture.

Remarkably accurate in its fitting of uneven stones, the Twelve Angled Stone Wall in Cusco is an Inca architectural wonder. This famous wall is evidence of the sophisticated engineering methods and the extraordinary stonemasonry abilities of the Inca civilization. For a modest contribution, local guides will highlight the animal carvings and provide background information.

A haven of rest and renewal, Hypnôze Spa is located in the sibling Belmond Palacio Nazarenas. Featuring a variety of holistic therapies influenced by both contemporary wellness techniques and old Inca customs, the spa offers visitors a tranquil haven. Hypnôze Spa is a sanctuary for self-care and pampering with its knowledgeable therapists and calming atmosphere.

Renowned for fusing Peruvian and foreign tastes is Cicciolina. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere and a varied menu with imaginative dishes prepared using materials found locally. We love Cicciolina so much that we always make a reservation when we travel to Cusco.

Cusco Day 5: City Center

street vendor cusco
San Blas, Shopping

Situated in the town centre is the magnificent Baroque church known as the Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús. Recognised for its ornate internal decorations and complex façade, the church is a monument of colonial-era architecture. Its elaborate altars, magnificent artwork, and design blending of European and indigenous influences are all on display for visitors to enjoy.

Vibrant and renowned for its artistic appeal and bohemian vibe is San Blas. San Blas is a center for regional craftspeople, boutiques, and quaint cafés with its little cobblestone lanes and vibrant colonial homes. Its galleries and stores are open for visitors, who may also take in the distinctive atmosphere of this creative district.

Enthralling cultural institution the Inka Museum is committed to protecting and presenting the rich history of the Inca culture. The museum offers guests a thorough knowledge of the Inca Empire and its major contributions to Peruvian heritage through its remarkable collection of antiquities, textiles, and artworks.


Asian and Peruvian dishes are deliciously combined at Limo restaurant. Modern and sophisticated, it offers a gastronomic experience that blends classic tastes with cutting-edge methods. From ceviche to sushi, Limo provides a singular eating experience where Asian and Peruvian culinary customs coexist peacefully.

Luxe Cusco Extensions

Vibrantly tucked away along the Pacific coast is Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima has an intriguing fusion of the old and the contemporary and is well-known for its rich history, varied culture, and delicious food. Discover its colonial buildings, tour prehistoric sites, meander through busy neighborhoods, and go on a culinary journey to sample the best Peruvian food. Lima guarantees visitors a fascinating experience with its vibrant atmosphere and stunning seaside vistas.

The "White City," Arequipa, is a fascinating Peruvian destination. Its exquisite white volcanic stone colonial building has a certain allure. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site of the ancient city center, pay a visit to the magnificent Santa Catalina Monastery, and take in the breath-taking views of the neighboring Misti Volcano. Travelers will find Arequipa to be a delightful experience, full of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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