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Santorini image by Artiom Vallat

Greek Isles: 5 Day Itinerary

Set out on an enthralling five-day luxury itinerary around the Greek Isles, where opulent hotels and resorts provide breathtaking views of the coastline. Savor the distinctive dining experiences that combine modern cuisine with classic Greek flavors while taking in the stunning Aegean Sea scenery.


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Luxe Greek Isles Absolute Musts

Grandma's - Grandma's provides a real Greek dining experience in Ios with regional cuisine and friendly service.

JackieO'  - Iconic beach club with lively vibe, well-known for drag shows, parties, and breathtaking sunsets.

Santa Maria Beach - Golden sands, turquoise waves, and water sports abound in this peaceful sanctuary on Paros.

Luxe Greek Isles Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through the Greek Isles with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

Map Key

Daily Plan Summary


Day 1






M-eating restaurant Mykonos town


Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos


Skandinavian Bar Mykonos





Principote Múkovoç

Day 2 

Day 3 




Botrini's Santorini




Grandma's Restaurant

ios sunset

Day 4 




Santa Maria Beach


Day 5



Greek Isles Day 1: Mykonos

myconian korali
Lounge at the Myconian Korali

Aegean Sea and Mykonos Town are breathtakingly visible from the opulent 5-star Myconian Korali hotel in Mykonos. The hotel offers a flawless fusion of modernism and classic Cycladic architecture with its sophisticated atmosphere and exquisite decor. Fine meals, revitalising spa treatments, and first-rate service are available to guests.

At Super Paradise Beach is the chic beach club and restaurant JackieO' Mykonos. Distinguished by its colorful and energetic ambiance, it provides the ideal fusion of music, fine dining, and beach fun. The LGBTQ+ community, tourists, and locals all love it for its vibrant gatherings and breathtaking sunset views.

Stylish eatery M-eating serves a distinctive fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean food. Emphasising locally produced, fresh ingredients, it wows customers with creative cuisine and a sophisticated atmosphere. For a beautiful, airy table, reserve the long table closest to the pavement, or choose indoors.

Evening Stroll

It is enchanted to walk through the old Mykonos town at night. Bright music, sparkling lights, and humming excitement fill the little streets. Discovering the shops, cafes, and tavernas is made more delightful by the white-washed buildings. You are urged to fully enjoy the busy nightlife of the island by the energetic atmosphere.

Island Clubbing

World-class nightclubs and a thriving nightlife are hallmarks of Mykonos. Partygoers will find the island to be a paradise for clubs with DJs, live music, and exciting party scenes, ranging from the famous Cavo Paradiso, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, to the hip Scandinavian Bar in Little Venice and the well-liked beachside Scorpios. We went to Principote, which got more and more entertaining the later it got.

Greek Isles Days 2 - 5: Yacht Charter

boys santorini
Botrini's, Santorini

Boarding Call

Organise a luxurious yacht to spend at least five amazing days exploring the captivating Islands. See well-known Mykonos islands like Santorini and Paros, cruise through immaculate waters, and find undiscovered treasures like Ios and Naxos. Savor fine cuisine, individualized service, and amazing sunsets while crafting your own idyllic and exclusive Mediterranean experience. This section highlights our favorite islands and locations.


The combination of stunning scenery and mouthwatering food on Santorini enthralls. In stark architectural contrast to the deep blue sea and golden sunsets are whitewashed buildings with blue domes. Discover little hamlets like Oia and Fira, which have art galleries exhibiting regional artists. At cliffside eateries like Botrini's, with their breath-taking vistas, savour fine Mediterranean food to create a unique sensory experience in this island paradise.

Tucked away amid the picturesque scenery of Santorini, Botrini's serves you a Mediterranean-Greek fusion of flavors. Creative cooking by Chef Ektoras Botrini takes classic meals to new heights. A must-visit restaurant for an outstanding dining experience on the island is this one because of its sophisticated decor, attentive service, and excellent wine selection.

ios sunset
Ios Sunset


Beautiful beaches, little towns, and a lively nightlife enthrall tourists to the gorgeous island of Ios. Ios, with its reputation for being relaxed back, provides a blend of adrenaline and leisure. Take in the friendly atmosphere of the island, eat Greek food, and explore golden beaches.

Grandma's Restaurant offers you a warm, family-friendly setting in which to enjoy real Greek food. Emphasizing regional products and age-old recipes, it provides a true Greek meal. Savor home-made food, kind service, and a quaint atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the island's culinary history. This eatery is very island chic, don't be misled by the name.


Rich cultural experiences, quaint villages, and breathtaking beaches combine harmoniously in Paros. Paros enthralls visitors with its classic blue-domed churches, white-washed structures, and thriving artistic community.

Domes White Coast Milos
Pool Suite, Domes White Coast Milos


Boutique stores on Paros showcase the island's distinctive fusion of modern flair and Greek charm. There are many of shopping alternatives that perfectly represent Paros' unique personality and inventiveness, from charming fashion boutiques with exquisite island-inspired clothing to charming art galleries displaying the creations of local artists.

Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach is a calm and lovely seaside sanctuary that combines adventure with rest. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, it boasts golden dunes, crystal-clear waters, and verdant surrounds. Both residents and visitors go to the beach because of its friendly atmosphere, beach bars, and water sports.


Uniquely combining breathtaking beaches, historic ruins, and volcanic scenery is Milos. For beachgoers and travelers looking for unhurried surroundings and natural beauty in the Cyclades, Milos is a haven with its colorful villages, glistening waters, and unique rock formations.

Luxurious beachside resort Domes White Coast Milos offers tourists exquisite lodgings and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea in a fusion of modern and Cycladic architecture. The resort is a perfect haven with a spa, excellent restaurants, and individualized services all geared toward relaxation. Recently, our good friend Antony stayed and raved about it.

Yachting in Greece

Think about the size and kind of the yacht, your preferred itinerary, your budget, the experience of the crew, the facilities, safety precautions, and your communication with the charter business when hiring a yacht and crew in the Greek Isles. Make sure the staff can deliver a customized and pleasurable service, set expectations, go over contracts, and arrange provisioning. We are not identifying the charter company we selected because we had a less than ideal experience with them. Though it was a lot of work to arrange the itinerary with the skipper as opposed to what we agreed with the charter business, we still had a fantastic trip.

Luxe Greek Isles Extensions

Modernity and history are expertly combined in Istanbul. Famous buildings like Hagia Sophia are examples of the Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern influences in their construction. Traditional crafts to modern galleries are all part of the lively art scene in the city. There is excellent dining as well as street food. Bustling bazaars and hip neighborhoods are full of design.

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