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Bali image by Mitch Hodiono

Bali: 5 Day Itinerary

Tucked away in verdant surrounds, Ubud is a cultural sanctuary well-known for its traditional dance, arts and crafts, and tranquil rice terraces. This luxury five-day itinerary includes spa retreats, Balinese ceremonies, and exploration of ancient temples. The ideal place to find peace and serenity as well as a peek into real Balinese culture. Spend five days at least to fully unwind and take in this stunning setting.


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Luxe Bali Absolute Musts

Royal Pita Maha - Elegant hideaway with mouthwatering food and stunning views in the Ayung River valley of Ubud.

Rafting - Exhilarating Ayung River rafting trip through verdant Bali rainforest.

Kirana Spa - Elegant spa haven with restorative traditional therapies in tranquil natural setting.

Luxe Bali Itinerary & Map 

Navigate your way through Bali with our recommended itinerary and map. View Google Maps with color-coded areas in interactive mode and access our scheduled list of spots.

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Daily Plan Summary

The Royal Pita Maha




Ayung River Rafting


Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring


Ubud Shopping


Royal Kirana Spa


Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary



Ceking Rice Terrace

Bali Days 1 - 5: Ubud

Image by Jared Rice
Yoga, Ubud

Relax and Enjoy Bali Itinerary-free!

Enchanting Bali provides tranquil scenery and restorative activities. Spend five days, or more, taking your time to completely experience this fascinating location. Go without a set schedule and take advantage of the time to relax, discover, and have fun. Our first choice is the much-loved Ubud. The trip is definitely worthwhile even though getting there could need some patience. If you're feeling daring, think about staying on and doing an excursion to Phuket or Java; for more information, click the Luxe Bali Excursions links below.

Royal Pita Maha Ubud
Breathtaking Views, Royal Pita Maha, Ubud

Tucked down in the Ayung River valley, the Royal Pita Maha Resort is a magnificent luxury haven. The resort provides lavish lodgings, first-rate facilities, and traditional Balinese architecture together with breathtaking vistas and a peaceful atmosphere. Experiences in gourmet cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, and dance performances and ceremonies allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in Balinese culture. Encircled by verdant surroundings, it offers a perfect retreat in the center of Bali for rest and cultural discovery.

River Rafting, Ayung River

Ayung River Rafting

Set off on an exciting journey right in the center of Bali. Through the breathtaking rapids of the Ayung River, which is encircled by verdant forests and tumbling waterfalls, raft. Suitable for all ability levels, this exciting activity guarantees nature lovers an amazing experience and provides a unique viewpoint of Ubud's natural splendor. Find out from the hotel which surrounding operators are the best.

Gunung Kawi Carved Stone
Gunung Kawi, Carved Stone

At Tampaksiring is a magnificent and old archeological site. Ten striking monuments honouring Balinese aristocracy are carved into the temple's rock faces. A must-see cultural monument in Bali, it is surrounded by verdant rice terraces and the Pakerisan River and provides an enthralling fusion of history, spirituality, and natural beauty.

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds, Men's Wear, Ubud

Ubud Shopping

Ubud provides a lively shopping experience where guests may peruse art galleries, boutiques, and marketplaces that display traditional crafts, handcrafted jewelry, apparel, and home décor. For local goods and mementos, the Ubud Market is a veritable gold mine. The town's commercial district honors Balinese culture and inventiveness with everything from fine paintings to elaborate wood carvings, offering visitors an engaging and enjoyable retail experience.

Bali royal peta spa
Spa Entrance, Royal Kirana Spa

An opulent haven offering a variety of revitalising spa treatments and therapies at the Royal Pita Maha. Tucked down in a peaceful natural environment, the spa provides a serene haven. Savour classic Balinese body washes, facials, and massages that guarantee a happy and luxurious experience for wellbeing and relaxation.

monkeys ubud
Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud

A tribe of cheeky long-tailed macaques lives in this hallowed sanctuary in Ubud. Tucked in between old temples and verdant surroundings, it provides a fully immersive encounter with these gregarious animals. Explore calm walkways, see Balinese culture, and have enthralling encounters with monkeys in their natural environment.

Rice Fields Swing
Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Situated north of Ubud is a famous and magnificent scene of tumbling rice terrace. Photographers and tourists alike are drawn to the breathtaking view that the verdant fields, carved into the hillsides, produce. Wandering around winding lanes, seeing old farming techniques, and taking in expansive vistas allow visitors to really experience Bali's unspoiled beauty and rustic appeal.

Luxe Bali Extensions

The biggest island in Thailand, Phuket, is well-known for its colorful nightlife, breathtaking beaches, and variety of water sports. By comparison, Koh Samui provides a more peaceful experience with its opulent resorts, calm temples, and verdant surroundings. Rich cultural history, mouthwatering Thai food, and stunning natural beauty abound on both islands.

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