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Luxury Travel Itineraries Website Launch

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

"Luxe on the Fly is designed for easy self-booking luxury itineraries around the world."

Exploring in Cambodia
Jay and Joseph in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Luxe on the Fly is a travel site created by us, two avid travelers, husbands Jay and Joseph Britto. With a passion for travel, design, architecture, art, dining and exploring, we decided to share our insights with friends, family and anyone that finds this interesting. We'll take you on a journey when we discover things that we love - beautifully designed restaurants with killer food, the fine details of brutalist architecture, mountain landscape views from a lakeside AirBnB or boutique hotels that give you all the loving. Every journey is unforgettable in its own way, and we'll share what we find interesting and useful. We'll also review new travel products and services when introduced. With Joseph's 20+ years travel industry experience and Jay's designer eye, Luxe on the Fly hopes to provide you the perfect combination of luxury and adventure insights with our curated luxury travel itineraries. Enjoy the World! Jay & Joseph


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